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Would This Junior Year Schedule Seem "Too Easy" for Top Schools??

doctorllama13doctorllama13 7 replies5 threads New Member
Pre-Calculus Honors (With the hardest math teacher at my school)
AP Chemistry (took AP Bio this year)
Dual Enrollment American History (3x a week)
Black and White Photography 2 and 3 (Block period for a magnet program)
Digital Photo 1
AP Language and Composition
And then possibly some online classes
Is it too light of a schedule for top schools? I dont want my grades to suffer by overburdening myself.
I'm also in a club and an honors society, which also take up some time.
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Replies to: Would This Junior Year Schedule Seem "Too Easy" for Top Schools??

  • skieuropeskieurope 39784 replies7246 threads Super Moderator
    It depends upon your definition of "top schools." If said "top school" requests/requires 3-4 years of a foreign language, regardless of your HS requirements, then yes, your schedule is lacking.
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  • preppedparentpreppedparent 3341 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Looks like you have AP Language in the mix. You have Math, Science, History, Language and Art. Looks good to me.
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  • MA2012MA2012 1236 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Only thing that might be missing is a foreign language. The rest looks fine. AP English, AP Science, DE History, Honors Pre-Calc, and Art.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79040 replies702 threads Senior Member
    Foreign language? Or have you already completed the highest level?
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  • doctorllama13doctorllama13 7 replies5 threads New Member
    There is another language class I can take, however I will be continuing with the club next year if I don’t take the class associated with the language.
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  • millie210millie210 524 replies24 threads Member
    It’s highly unlikely that colleges would consider the club an adequate substitute for the class. Take the foreign language.

    Successful applicants for top schools can handle a schedule like yours + the foreign language + serious involvement in EC's while still getting excellent grades.
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