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If I could change one thing....


Replies to: If I could change one thing....

  • allureNY86allureNY86 652 replies17 threads Member
    okay, guys, colleges aren't looking for perfect people. why? because they don't exist!
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  • jwlee8jwlee8 383 replies6 threads Member
    the thing is..if u changed something then it wouldn't be you! it would be someone else! and that's meaningless
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  • mhawk177mhawk177 258 replies28 threads Junior Member
    I said ECs.. I didn't really get involved until last year.. my junior year. But I was split between that and GPA (which suffered some due to my job, and in part due to my laziness)
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  • allureNY86allureNY86 652 replies17 threads Member
    jwlee ... exactly! your uniqueness is the only thing you have, basically. and now it's too late to actually change things, but it's okay.
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  • jwlee8jwlee8 383 replies6 threads Member
    i think the most important thing is just doing your best and making sure you have your priorities straight
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  • heefar7heefar7 165 replies30 threads Junior Member
    If I don't get in to where I really want to go I can always look back at about 5 B+'s that could of easily, eaaaaassiiillly been A-'s....my gpa could be so much higher!!!
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  • doublespressodoublespresso 158 replies11 threads Junior Member
    definitely fewer schools... i panicked at the beginning of senior year and put in 14 (!!!) transcript/SAT score requests--$140, + stamps and envelopes and things. i ended up sending out 12 of those 14, which at ~$65 per school is almost $800--except now i realized that i don't really want to go to most of those schools that badly. and there are a lot more things that i would have rather done with almost $1000... not to mention all the time and effort and headaches!
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  • celebrian25celebrian25 15082 replies288 threads Senior Member
    I said gpa/grades, I went through a hard time last year, and it's very obvious in terms of my gpa. While my EC's are weak, I would rather have fun than be tied down by something I don't really care about. But then again, I'm a "what if.." kind of person
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  • Diet Coke DrinkerDiet Coke Drinker 79 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I have no idea how to start a new thread on this site yet, so I'm going to post my question here. This isn't really a fresh topic for this site, but I was just wondering if some one could evaluate my chances at the schools I applied to (all RD).


    High School Transcript

    3.8 unweighted
    No class rank - I go to a public high school that's lazy and won't rank :)
    APs: Euro, Calc AB, Chem, Bio
    Honors: Organic Chemistry, English IV
    Mid Year Grades: 5 A's, 1 B (Chemistry)

    Test Scores:

    690 (V)
    670 (M) * I am retaking in Jan. I feel special because it is the last normal SAT. lol, it sucks to have to do the writing, reading, and english all in one sitting. sorry juniors.
    Being realistic, I'd like to get over the 1400 bump, but we'll see...

    SAT II Scores
    Writting: 730
    Math IC: 670
    Chemistry (I had only had less than 1/4 year of AP Chem when I took it) 660

    My EC's are a stronger component of my application. They include the following:

    JV Cheerleading
    Mini-Cheer Camp Counselor
    Semi-Dance Committee Chair

    JV Cheerleading
    Mini-Cheer Camp Counselor
    Service Committee Chair
    Key Club member
    French Club member

    Varsity Tennis Team (starting doubles player - undefeated record)
    Secretary of Student Council
    Coordinated Independent Service Project (4 hrs twice per month - I take 25 kids)
    Worked 15 wk at Abercrombie Kids (6 months)
    Service Committee (Student Council)
    Decorations Committee (Student Council)
    Key Club
    French Club
    National Junior Honor Society

    11th-12th Summer
    Yale University Summer Program (Got a prof rec)

    Stronger Involvements:

    President of Student Council
    Coordinate Same Independent Project
    National Honors Society Social Chair
    Coordinate Dinners at Local Homeless Shelter (Bring about 8 kids from NHS)
    School District Board Representative
    Co-Founder and President of Badminton Club :)
    Marketing and Advertising Apprenticeship

    Lesser Involvements:

    Math Team
    Key Club
    Service Committee
    Dance Committee
    Decorations Committee


    3-4 art awards (I was in art class from 9-11) I still paint, but on the side now.

    Chosen as school's rep to state conference (1 of 2 out of 300)

    First places in about 5 JV cheerleading comps (do these even matter since i was part of the team and i was not out there alone cheerleading?)

    Honor Roll (how exciting) Scholar Athlete (A average and do a sport)

    World Affairs Council Scholarship (awarded to 6)

    Published writer (local magazine)


    Letters of Recs
    **I've decided not to follow the style of some other "What are my chances" posters who declare they have "shining and outstanding" letters...

    I read one which I liked and think does the job (AP EURO teacher also student council advisor - we're pretty close)
    Yale Prof - very encouraging
    Pre-Calc Teacher - I did very well in that class, but it was an honors course, so I don't think it carries as much weight as AP Euro. We became friends, so I think she had nice things to say:)

    Go ahead, be honest - what do y'all think my chances are at the following colleges ( i applied to a ton)

    University of Pittsburgh (Safety)
    UMass Amherst (other Safety)

    Boston Unversity
    George Washington
    Richmond University
    U Michigan Ann Arbob

    Wash U


    I'd be awesome to hear someone's opinion!! thanks kids.
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  • jwlee8jwlee8 383 replies6 threads Member
    wow! u really applied to a lot of schools :)
    i think you'll get into pomona and a bunch of others as well
    depending on the weight of the yale rec maybe yale too
    keep in mind tho that it really depends on how u present urself in ur essays and other personal statements
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  • TophToph 330 replies24 threads Member
    Bump in SATs would've been nice... SAT II scores are worse (not awful, just not what I want). I'm trying to transfer... so I'm kind of stress right now...

    And I accidentally voted essays... I suck :(

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  • double_nndouble_nn 48 replies6 threads Junior Member
    i wouldve spent more time on my essays, and wouldve started applications earlier, giving more time to guidance counselors to get to know me and stuff....but i think its bad to be thinking about what we would change.its not like we have a choice to change it now.i think that if we're meant to get in somewhere, then we will because it was fate...its what im counting on for harvard ;)
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  • hurricane49hurricane49 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I have not been through the entire process yet, but im positive i will not regret anything. I just do the best that I can do
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  • killaeronekillaerone 915 replies66 threads Member
    Great attitude, although personally, I do not agree with it.
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  • jwlee8jwlee8 383 replies6 threads Member
    whats done is done
    there's no point in dwelling on the past..
    just sit tight and wait for the envelopes in April
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  • SqUirgleZQSqUirgleZQ 15 replies1 threads New Member
    i definetely agree with you! I applied to 13 schools and now I'm beginning to realize how insane i am....if only the epiphany could have arrived sooner
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  • courtette44courtette44 130 replies12 threads Junior Member
    jwlee - its just stuff we wish we'd thought about. not changing who we are - for me, i wish i'd been motivated by the importance of grades bfore i slacked off. i'm not wishing for something i'm incapable of, but something that COULD have reflected my abilities better. i'm wishing i didn't make stupid mistakes.
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  • lavendergirl2005lavendergirl2005 31 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Im a really smart kid, i just cant do tests! Im so mad! My SAT is like 1280...That sucks so bad! yet, i want to go to ivy leage colleges. All my other credentials match, its just the gosh-darn SAT's that bring me down.
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  • birdofprey425birdofprey425 657 replies25 threads Member
    I put down extra-curriculars, because I didn't really do anything far outside the range of normal variation. It's useless to worry about it now, though I did start playing tennis this year at school. Don't worry, I'm not app-padding, it's just a lot of fun (I didn't actually put it on anything except one scholarship application).
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