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If I could change one thing....

PSedrishMDPSedrishMD 601 replies111 threads Member
edited July 2016 in College Admissions
....about my application, it would be ______ .
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Replies to: If I could change one thing....

  • RubensRubens 79 replies16 threads Junior Member
    my interview..
    I am sure that my extra curriculars and SAT and competetitveness of school make up for the mediocrity of my GPA... however, my interview was one that I will never forget. One stupid answer can break the interview, which sucks. However, I hope they saw my carelessness/bad joke as just that and not stupidity or immaturity.

    Still I would rather take it back and avoid the whole thing.. haha. definitely interview.
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  • FlamingChickenFlamingChicken 35 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Definately GPA...if I had all A's (i only take AP classes) throughout high school i would be all set.... everything is awesome except my grappy GPA...
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  • StanfordHopeful05StanfordHopeful05 55 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I would definitely defintely definitely chance my SAT I and SAT II scores...other than that I think I'm ok.
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  • courtette44courtette44 130 replies12 threads Junior Member
    i totally slack too. like for real, not "maaaah, i got beeeeesss," but like 4 cs and a d. in spanish of all things. what was i thinking? aaah. but my weighted gpa is still like 4.2 and i'm applying to top schools and could actually get in, maybe. not all is lost. but OOH i wish i could change my grades.
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  • outastate75450outastate75450 33 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I would change my school's coursebook to offer APs. Not that I care; I got in where I wanted. I just hope I'm not behind next year...
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  • madjoymadjoy 619 replies6 threads Member
    Definitely grades/GPA/rank as well. I surely have slacked and not handed in important assignments, causing me to get Bs in a LOT of my AP classes. I'm talking Bs overall - Cs and even Ds in specific marking periods. Thankfully, the colleges didn't see that on my transcript. I'd get an A- one marking period, and a C- the next. I'm not kidding, that actually happened in more than one subject...

    It's not that I regret it, so much, but rather that I wish this were not shown on my application so much. It's certainly my weak point. Ah, I got into my first choice school early anyway, so all's well! (Wesleyan University)
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  • chelsea 2005chelsea 2005 216 replies10 threads Junior Member
    after taking the poll i changed my mind! originally, i put "SAT/ACT scores", but now i realize that i did my best. i would like to put "Not a thing!" because my test scores are very good, just not perfect. and, i kind of wish i had applied to a harder "reach" school. i applied to notre dame, but i think it would have been interesting to apply to an ivy league. oh well!
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  • chochu444chochu444 305 replies18 threads Member
    if i cud change one thing, it wud definitely be my grades. just because of a C in A levels, i am ranked 21 in 84 which has hurt my chances badly. only if i had done better...
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  • aliasdanceraliasdancer 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I put my SATs. stupid 1400 and 32.
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