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Need some help sorting through options...

AcerisAceris 23 replies6 threads Junior Member
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Good morning, and happy last-day-of-March/top tier college stress.

This past week has been a little rough for me having not been accepted to any of my reach schools. That being said, I was accepted to a lot of safeties and have some decent FA offerings, but need a little help sorting through them all.

My EFC is 0 and that's exactly what I'm going to receive from my family. I could really use as much financial assistance as possible and would ideally like to end up with less than 40k in debt over 4 years.

As a head's up, I was all over the place with majors when I applied, torn between engineering/bio/animation. I know, a weird tear. I'm currently in favor of going somewhere more on the scientific route but would prefer to have an art minor available, or at least where I've been accepted for animation to have a science major I could switch into.

Nonetheless, here's a list of where I applied to and the status of my application:

Cornell (rejected from CALS)
USC (rejected from SCA)
Stanford (rejected)
CMU (waitlisted as Undeclared)

SUNY Binghamton (accepted to Watson Engineering, would have to pay ~10k per year, including room & board & after $5500 in fed loans)

SUNY Alfred State (accepted for Computer Animation, received a full ride including room and board for all four years. Unsure of quality of school, not a huge fan of location)

RPI (conditional acceptance to Design, Innovation, and Society, haven't received an aid package yet)

RIT (accepted to Computer Animation, scholarship covering full tuition and leaving ~15k room & board to pay. It says my prospective pay for succeeding years comes close to 30k though, to which I'm suspect)

Ringling College of Art and Design (waitlisted for Computer Animation, but can receive automatic acceptance to Illustration, Game Design, and VR Production, haven't received aid package and it likely won't be much. Probably not going here)

Champlain College (accepted for Game Art/Animation, left with 20k to pay per year, probably not going here)

Fordham University (accepted for Natural Science, received Dean's Scholarship of 15k-30k, haven't received official package)

Hofstra University (accepted to Biology, left with 23k to pay per year, unsure of quality & probably not going here)

My current top choices are Binghamton, RIT, and Fordham. Fordham would be excellent because of its location & their aptitude towards art, but I'm unsure of its cost. Binghamton seems like a quality education but lacks the art. RIT has had a rising reputation and is fairly affordable, and has pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. Unsure of location, I've already visited.

So that's that! I'm a little disappointed but happy that I gave myself so many options. Had I been accepted to Cornell or Stanford I would have instantly gone there, esp. Cornell because I would have likely received close to a full ride. But I have what I have and I'm very grateful for that.

Any input is much welcomed.

Thank you!
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6 replies
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Replies to: Need some help sorting through options...

  • AcerisAceris 23 replies6 threads Junior Member
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  • HRSMomHRSMom 4605 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Why does the cost increase in future years at RIT? That is more than a general increase. Was there any non merit aid/financial aid at RIT?

    So right now freshman year is $10k after loans at both? That is still too much, as you can only borrow $5500.

    Did you visit Alfred State?
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  • AcerisAceris 23 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I'm not sure, the only thing I can think of is that I received a full tuition scholarship from Say Yes for RIT, but that should carry out through all 4 years. I'll have to call/contact to clarify!

    And yes, at both freshman year is $8-10k after loans. Do you think it would be worth trying to ask for more aid? It's already a considerable discount, but not quite where I'd like it to be to consider it affordable.

    I plan on visiting Alfred this weekend. Hopefully that will help a lot in the decision-making process.
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  • ECmotherx2ECmotherx2 2224 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Your only real option of those that you listed is SUNY Alfred State. There does not appear to be a way for you to cover the cost differential of other colleges after your loans.
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  • thingamajigthingamajig 350 replies3 threads Member
    are you eligible for any NY State grants? try to find out if the FA packages include those already...maybe not. It's very very cold in Alfred, but a lot of people have a good experience there. and compared to Rochester and Binghamton, weather is not really different
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 29813 replies177 threads Senior Member
    Right now your only affordable option is SUNY Alfred. Wait for the rest of your aid packages to come in, and see what they look like.

    If Alfred remains your only option at the end of the process, be glad that you do have it. Graduating with no debt at all will be a wonderful thing.
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