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Brown you broke my heart (Don't write about Rape)

alexandra00alexandra00 242 replies17 threads Junior Member
A lot of my fellow deferred comrades are upset about being deferred. I have never felt so bad about it. I wrote about being raped in my additional information section, in an extremely heartfelt way. I know I shouldn't take it personally but it feels personal. I really feel like elite schools are avoiding "flight risk" students, and that really disappoints me. Students who've had horrible experiences shouldn't be punished for being honest.

(I was admitted to a university quite a bit more prestigious than Brown EA (I didn't submit that information there, and reviewing my apps and comparing, I am 100% sure that this was the reason)
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Replies to: Brown you broke my heart (Don't write about Rape)

  • jim4321jim4321 6 replies0 threads New Member
    If you don't mind me asking, what school were you accepted to?
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  • alexandra00alexandra00 242 replies17 threads Junior Member
    It was top 10, I wrote a post about it for an online blog. It might reveal too much
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  • alexandra00alexandra00 242 replies17 threads Junior Member
  • SouthernHopeSouthernHope 2069 replies209 threads Senior Member
    It's tough to be turned down by a college and it's also hard to know why...your thoughts are going to your essay and assuming that's the reason but it could have been 10 other things and none of us will ever know. When 90% of applicants are turned away, there's really no way to understand why....as others have noted, mourn it and move on.
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  • Eeyore123Eeyore123 1448 replies20 threads Senior Member
    Just like the rest of the people that got deferred from Brown, you do not know why. Nothing in your other post screams guaranteed admit.
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  • damon30damon30 1147 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Not writing about being raped in the additional information section sounds like very good advice. I have read here and other places that admissions officers dread "confessional" essays. What they are looking for are additional factors to use to lobby on your behalf.
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  • alexandra00alexandra00 242 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @damon30 @Eeyore123 @SouthernHope I sent it to all schools, accepting rejection
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34576 replies384 threads Senior Member
    If you got into a "better school," what's the anger at Brown?

    "I really feel like elite schools are avoiding "flight risk" students." Did it portray you as troubled and a risk?
    This comment, plus the disappointment focused on revealing the rape, make me wonder what role you think this should play in a review.

    Sorry. But the number of disappointed students is high and the important thing for each is to keep moving forward. Not succumb to anger.

    If this is a deferral, are you confusing that with rejection?
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  • scholardadscholardad 127 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Looking at this from just a stats point of view (from your previous posts), you applied to ED to Brown with an ACT of 31 and a downward trend in GPA (from 3.9 in Junior year to 3.77 at time of application). You recognized two area of weakness - your lowish GPA and your year off from school.

    Why the downward trend in GPA between junior and senior year?

    What year did you take off from school? You mentioned it was because your estranged father got cancer but what did you do during that year? Did you include specifics in your application?

    Brown would not have had your most recent ACT score of 34 when making ED decisions. This might make a difference when they re-evaluate your application in the RD round.

    12/12/17 – Junior
    ACT : Just took 32-34 (Predicted?)
    SAT II: Bio 800, French 800, US History, World History, Math 2, Latin haven't got scores yet
    GPA: 3.9 (6 B’s Freshman and Sophomore) ( massive course load 14 classes)
    Weighted 4.4 : took a CS class at MIT got an A
    Other : took a year off of school, estranged father got cancer.
    Weaknesses: year off for family illness, lowish GPA

    02/23/18 – Junior
    ACT : Just took 31
    SAT II: Bio 800, French 800, Math 2
    GPA: 3.9
    Weighted 4.4

    12/20/18 – Senior
    ACT: Just took 34
    SAT II: Bio E 740, Literature 740
    GPA: 3.77
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6856 replies60 threads Senior Member
    The fact that a different "prestigious" university evaluated your application does *not* mean that it was your essay that got you denied. MOST people who get into tippy-tops ALSO got turned by other tippy-tops: they really are not homogenous in what they look for in students.

    You do NOT "know" for a fact that it was your additional essay that is why you were rejected: your *opinion* is based on a HS student's self-review of your applications, not a member of the adcomm that made the decision or feedback to your GC from the school.

    Moreover, even if it was the reason, you don't know if it was because of the topic (unlikely, as it is not an uncommon topic), or because of the essay itself. Your essay may have been heartfelt, but that is not necessarily the first or main evaluative criteria that would be applied.

    As you have already been accepted to someplace else that you think of as a better school- congratulations!! Their adcomms obviously felt that *you* are a good match for their university. This rejection should just be a disappointment, not a broken heart.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2361 replies45 threads Senior Member
    As far as acceptances to the tippy top go, it seems to be fairly common for someone who gets into other T10s to get rejected or deferred from Brown, and those accepted to Brown to get rejected from the others. Brown is a bit more quirky, but each of those schools is looking for particular qualities. It isn't you or your essay.
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  • scholardadscholardad 127 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Adding for context re: my earlier question about the drop in grades from Jr to Sr year

    In a previous post, you had mentioned the assault and trial occurred during sophomore year and, due to IGCSE system, your poor exam results at end of that year affected your GPA for both freshman and sophomore year (which is understandable given the trauma).

    What occurred, though, between junior and senior year to cause your GPA to drop from 3.9 to 3.77? That might have been a red flag for Brown.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9388 replies502 threads Senior Member
    Quite a bit more prestigious than Brown? That’s a bit like an oxymoron.

    I’m sorry that happened to you. You will never know why you didn’t get in EA. But for other readers, I will caution that it isn’t just elite schools that want to avoid “flight risks.” Most colleges want to avoid admitting students who might struggle. It is best, IMO, to let the guidance counselor address issues that might have caused problems in a student’s high school record.

    One potential problem with telling the school about your trauma is that it runs the risk of seeming like an attempt to elicit sympathy. It’s possible that your “extremely heartfelt” statement about being raped came out the wrong way. Maybe it wasn’t that you told them you were raped, but rather that something in what you said caused them concern about your mental health.

    It’s not wrong for students to want AO’s to know something about them that they feel is very important. Students must understand though that they are always taking a risk when they share extremely personal information about themselves. As @intparent said, giving the AO information about a family trauma, mental health issue, anxiety, or why you got poor grades doesn’t necessarily put a tick box in the “we want this kid on campus” column.
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  • happy1happy1 22981 replies2266 threads Senior Member
    A few comments in no particular order:

    -- First I am sorry about what happened to you.

    -- I don't think writing about your rape is the reason you were not accepted at Brown. As with most top schools there is simply not enough space for many of the well qualified applicants. It comes down to finding a match between what a college is looking for and what you can offer. It is more of an art than a science and the difference between acceptance and rejection/deferral likely can rarely be dissected and distilled down to just one thing.

    --Hopefully the top 10 school you got into EA was not SCEA and you did not violate the admission agreement for that college by applying to Brown ED..

    --With a top 10 acceptance in your hands it is time to look forward with your life and stop thinking about Brown. You can only attend one college so if you already have one great, affordable acceptance then you are in fantastic shape.
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  • alexandra00alexandra00 242 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @happy1 @TheBigChef it was that school, I don't want to reveal myself though
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  • alexandra00alexandra00 242 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @scholardad that post is pretty old. I ended up sending a 36 superscore, 34 composite ACT. I didn't have a downward trend. I have B's the exam's and then only A's for Senior and Junior year. I took a semester not year off from school.
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