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AP Statistics or AB Calc as Senior who wants to major in Business (spanish minor) in college

CincyboilerflyerCincyboilerflyer 31 replies1 threads Junior Member
My daughter is currently a HS sophomore. She will take Honors Pre Calculus as a Junior and then has to take one more math class as a senior. She is a year ahead in math, but has struggled recently and she moved from Accelerated Algebra II to Honors (a class with mostly juniors). She does very well in AP European History and AP Environmental Science. Her junior year, she will take AP English, AP US history next year, along with the honors math, chemistry and marketing. She plans to major in marketing and minor in Spanish at a larger school (Ohio State is her goal). I suggested she take AP Statistics as a senior as I think it will help her with college marketing research classes. Ohio State requires a business calculus as part of the business degree curriculum. Any thoughts? Thanks
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Replies to: AP Statistics or AB Calc as Senior who wants to major in Business (spanish minor) in college

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8738 replies82 threads Senior Member
    I would recommend AB calc. It will provide a better foundation for her college courses.
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  • damon30damon30 1147 replies5 threads Senior Member
    From the OSU website:
    Fisher College of Business
    Completion of Math 1131 or Math 1151 with a C or better is one of the requirements necessary for admission to Fisher College of Business.
    AP Test Subject Score Courses (credit hours)
    Calculus AB 3+ Math 1151 (5)

    If your daughter takes Calculus AB, gets a 3 or better and goes to Ohio State, she tests out of business calculus. @momofsenoir1 is right again.
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  • CincyboilerflyerCincyboilerflyer 31 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thank you for the feedback. Lets hope she can earn a "B" in AB Calc... math can be her kryptonite. She earns "A"s in all other classes.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42352 replies455 threads Senior Member
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    Then even more reason for her to take calculus AB in high school, where the content will be spread over a year with frequent opportunities to review, v. In college where it tends to be weedout and covers the same content over 4months only. :)
    All As except for a couple B's is perfectly fine. :)
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  • happy1happy1 23339 replies2310 threads Senior Member
    Is there a non-AP version of calc taught in your D's HS (perhaps honors calc)? That may be a good option for her when the time comes. I recommend scheduling classes one year at a time.

    I would definitely recommend calc if she is planning to go to a business program at any reputable college. I think any accredited b-school requires one semester of business calculus. My S who was at a very good not not super top tier b-school thought he'd be fine with calc as he took HS pre-calc. However it turned out that virtually every student (all but him and one other) had taken calc in HS. So while the material was review for virtually all of the class, it was new to my S -- a problem that was compounded by what he said was a not so hot professor. He ended up working incredibly hard for this one class (going to the math help center often etc.) and he did OK but it was a jarring way to start college. So although she did not go to a business school, I made sure my D took HS calculus. FWIW both kids took two semesters of statistics in college with no prior exposure and had no problem.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30017 replies181 threads Senior Member
    Wait and see how she does in Pre Calculus. If she would find that to be a huge challenge, Stats senior year and a college level Pre Cal class before college level Calculus could be an optional pathway. Remember that the goal will be to get through Calculus, but there isn't a time limit on meeting that goal.
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