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MIThopeful032MIThopeful032 4 replies5 threadsRegistered User New Member
I am an incoming freshmen in high school that has always loved math and I heard that being successful in the AMC's will help my future college applications, I recently started taking the AMC 10 practice tests and have been consistently scoring over a 100 on the semi recent to recent exams but wanted to know what training it would take to easily qualify for AIME by February. The main goal is to try to qualify for AIME this year and usajmo the next , but do any of you deem it reasonable to get to usajmo this year with intense prep (20 hrs a week) or even to get there next year.

As for some background I am on track to finish honors precalculus freshmen year and have never gotten below a 95 in math or a 99 percentile on standardized math scores.
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  • MIThopeful032MIThopeful032 4 replies5 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Sorry I usually get over a 100 on those between 2005 - 2015, but in the 90's for later exams ( sorry for posting this early in the morning).
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  • yearstogoyearstogo 646 replies30 threadsRegistered User Member
    Spend time on the AoPS forum. Many, if not most, of the top math kids will be on the forums and use the site. This question is asked often on the AoPS site and the answer is typically, practice, practice, practice...Good luck
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 901 replies12 threadsRegistered User Member
    Yes, search AoPS and you'll find this question asked many times.

    Keep taking old tests, plus HMMT, PUMaC, ARML, etc - there are lots of old competition materials available.

    Study the AoPS Volume 1 book and move on to Volume 2 if you complete it.

    AIME isn't easy, but talent and a decent amount of practice can get you there (my D did as a Freshman this year.) JMO is much harder - 300 students nationwide for all grades up through 10th, vs about 2.300 AIME qualifiers
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