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How can I improve my ECs?

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I may be worrying too much, but I'm new to this stuff so bear with me. For context, I'm gonna be a junior this September and I'm thinking of majoring in Biomedicine. I'm shooting for T30s or at least T50s. But anyway, I always hear that to get into top colleges, your ECs need some sort of "spike". I'm a little insecure about my ECs cause I feel like they're too random to have a common theme. I'm also worried about that I might need more in general.

Here are my ECs so far.

Interned at Children's Aid Society (20 hrs/week)

Learned how to prepare meals using variety of cooking techniques, including frying and sautéing. Planted fruits and vegetables in greenhouse spaces, using methods such as hydroponics. Learned aspects of food insecurity, accessibility, and grassroots movements for fresh and local food

Varsity Track Team (12.5 hrs/week)

I tutor middle schoolers for this specialized test at my state. (4 hours/week for 11 weeks so far) I kinda wanna run the program in my senior year, but we'll see if I can fit that in my schedule or not.

I'm currently doing reseach on my local med school about the relationship between dietary quality and metabolic syndrome with two mentors. (25 hrs/week during summer, 8 weeks as a whole at the end of 2020)

I just got into this Red Cross youth council for my chapter. (Don't know what position I'm in yet) I do know that It will be a huge commitment. Apparently, some of the alumni from this council go to top colleges such as Yale, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and Princeton. This info seems promising, but I don't wanna be too optimistic.

I'm also planning on applying to this other youth council focusing on health.

There are other small things I do (volunteer at food pantry) but I haven't accumulated enough hours for that yet.
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