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I have a bad grade from my transfer school, but was great after that, can I still get a top phd prog

zlbj17zlbj17 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hey guys,
So I transferred from a university in China to the states. I had a 76/100 gpa at the college in China and was ranked 7th in my class, it was one and a half year, 67 credits. After transferred to an average state university, I started from calc 1 casuse the new school only accepted three core classes. I did a double major in mathematics and electrical engineering, and almost got a 4.0 gpa (I got A- in writing and public speaking). I took a lot of classes, by the time of my application next year, I will have 141 or 122 credits (depending on the time I apply) and probably a gpa above 3.95. I have been doing research for a year now, so I should have two years of research experience by time of application. I'm doing an internship at a decent electrical engineering company this summer on designing software. I am planning on doing REU or other research internship next summer. My research project is likely to start getting funded from this fall semester. I was nominated as outstanding in my class and I got four scholarships this year. I know a lot of professors and a lot of people in the company so reference letters shouldn't be an issue.
I have done some research and most schools want institutional gpa and want me to mark up my degree institution; schools like UW only want gpa of my last two years. But I'm still worried about it.
My question is, can I still get into a good electrical engineering phd program? Such as Princeton, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Stanford etc. Any information can be helpful and I really appreciate help from you guys!
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Replies to: I have a bad grade from my transfer school, but was great after that, can I still get a top phd prog

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 8039 replies85 threads Senior Member
    edited July 2019
    So you are saying that your 76/100 from China is the bad grade, b/c in the US 76 is a C? supposing that there were at least 100 students in your class that score puts you in the top 10% of your class, which =/= a bad grade.

    Your Chinese grades will be evaluated in context, and 100% all of those schools are familiar with Chinese marking norms.
    edited July 2019
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  • zlbj17zlbj17 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi, thanks for the reply! So there were about twenty some students in my class cause I was a physics major. So I was not in the top 10& at that time. Thanks a lot!
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