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MIT 2024 Discussion Forum

emmm16emmm16 24 replies4 postsRegistered User Junior Member
Hi guys! MIT recently announced this year's essay prompts and I thought this would be a good forum where people could just discuss ideas and questions and talk about the college admissions process in general. Heading into August things can get s t r e s s f u l, but don't worry! Every senior around the country is feeling the same way. We're all in this together and hopefully this forum will make it seem this way. So kick back, relax, get a nice cup of coffee (or a strawberry acai refresher if you're like me), and get cracking on those essays! (Side note: This is not a place for you to ask people to "chance you". If you must insist on doing so, please find another place to do it)
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  • MITChrisMITChris 1750 replies46 postsCollege Rep Senior Member
    wholesome op
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  • M_smithM_smith 5 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    I'm so glad to see 24's on here! I know that the essay question are out, but does anyone know when the rest of the applications will be released?
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  • emmm16emmm16 24 replies4 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    edited July 28
    @M_smith Aug 1st I think! So soon :)
    edited July 28
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  • M_smithM_smith 5 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Yay! Good luck to all, this is a stressful time but I'm sure that we'll all end up somewhere great!
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  • melon24melon24 16 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Good luck everyone!! I can't believe it's already time to apply. It feels surreal! I'm just holding on to this piece of advice from every high school grad and teacher I've talked to: everything will work out fine in the end. :)
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  • Nasir7Nasir7 1 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    What are my chances at MIT Class of 2024 regular decision?

    SAT I: Not taken yet, but expecting 1400-1450 with math 760-800 and verbal 640-670
    SAT II: already taken: math lv2 (800), physics (800)
    IB (predicted): 42/45
    HL: Math (7), Chemistry (7), Physics (7)
    SL: ESS (7), English lang&lit (5), Spanish ab (7)
    School doesn't provide rank but probably 10-5 % percentline

    ECs (only main):

    LaunchX club president and founder
    Coding club president and founder
    Soccer (10+ years)
    summer experience: Yale Young Global Scholars

    All my teacher, whom I am asking for letters, and my counselor like me very much, so I will say they all would be a 9/10 .

    Country: Sudan
    Ethnicity: black
    School: UWC Costa Rica (studied at sudan till 11th grade and switch to take a full scloarship at UWC)
    Income bracket: ~4k
    Hooks: low income from developing country?

    Note: I haven't won any olympiad or participated in research because there aren't any in Sudan. How can I get the colleges to understand this fact?

    Also, I cannot afford college if I don't get a full scholarship. What universities give international students full scholarships?
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  • Joe917Joe917 2 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    First off, I just wanna say good luck to everyone! I'm sure most of us are stressed about this, but I'm sure whatever ends up happening is best for us, in some way or another.

    Also, has anyone tried to get on SlideRoom for the Portfolio forms? When I go there I'm told, "There are currently no available programs."
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  • stressedwhalestressedwhale 4 replies4 postsRegistered User New Member
    Does MIT ask for first quarter grades/current senior grades anything like that for EA?
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