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Seven College Admissions Myths

CCEdit_TorreyCCEdit_Torrey 26 replies226 postsEditor Editor
Dave Berry breaks down seven commonly-held myths about admissions: https://www.collegeconfidential.com/articles/seven-college-admissions-myths/
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Replies to: Seven College Admissions Myths

  • collegenut231collegenut231 6 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    So if you make $100K some how you’re not as economically disadvantaged and you should go into debt?
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  • CU123CU123 3423 replies61 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Unfortunately yes, however you should only occur about 80K in debt at that income level if the university meets full need without loans.
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  • StPaulDadStPaulDad 380 replies1 postsRegistered User Member
    Honestly donut-hole families won't get the same range of options others may have. I live in MN and my cost of living is significantly lower than someone from DC or NYC or SF, and that's before considering any financial choices either of us might make. If the EFC formula leaves you with a big gap and financial aid is vital then you have to start adjusting expectations.

    That said, being a Top Student can be a matter of context: if you're a good enough student you can shop your way down the prestige pecking order until you find a school that thinks you're the bees knees and will give you money to attend their institution. It's not as awesome as getting a ride to Princeton, but if a golden ticket Presidential Scholarship to St MiddleRank College makes school affordable then it's better than two years of CC and hoping the family money situation improves by junior year. Life isn't always fair, but it's not always an all or nothing situation.
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  • usma87usma87 364 replies3 postsRegistered User Member
    @collegenut231 - if you live in California and want to go to a UC, the threshold seems even lower to get any aid. One DS was awarded Regents Scholarship at a UC, and it was still more expensive (net) than Notre Dame. I'm so happy I pay taxes so I can get no aid at in-state flagships.
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  • studentlyfstudentlyf 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Yes, private colleges are good but some have finance constraint due to which they cannot afford it.
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