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Is A Free Period Senior Year A Bad Idea?

Student25050Student25050 11 replies17 threads Junior Member
Hi, I’m a rising senior and just received my schedule but am having second thoughts. My junior year consisted of: Honors Physics, Honors English, APUSH, AP Macro/Micro, Regular Spanish, and Regular Math. This year I am currently going to take AP Bio, AP Gov’t, AP Computer Sciences, Regular Math, Regular English, and Honors Anatomy. Seeing my finalized schedule made me wonder if I had overloaded it though. I want to go into medicine, but am unsure if I will be able to handle 2 sciences, so i had the thought of dropping Honors Anatomy for a free period. Would this be horrible for a college application?
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Replies to: Is A Free Period Senior Year A Bad Idea?

  • DCCAWAMIIAILDCCAWAMIIAIL 198 replies7 threads Junior Member
    It's not horrible but I think taking Anatomy would show that you are serious about pursuing medicine.

    Last year you took 2 AP, 2 honors and 2 regular classes. Senior year you are planning on 3 AP, 1 honors and 2 regular. While honors and AP may not be equivalent, I don't think you are overloading yourself. How did you fare junior year?
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  • garnetgarnet 44 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Undergrad schools don't care if you are premed. Chemistry would help as that's one of the classes you have to take for the MCAT, but if you take the actual AP exam you may have to take an extra semester of chemistry as med schools don't like APs
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  • Student25050Student25050 11 replies17 threads Junior Member
    I did well Junior year, and currently have a 4.15 cumulative GPA and before retaking it have a 1330 SAT score. I finished with A’s in AP Economics, Math, Gym, and Health. I had A-‘s in Honors Physics, Honors English, and Spanish. The only B+ I had was in APUSH. I feel my senior year schedule is challenging, but was unsure if a free period is a dealbreaker for universities like Maryland, UConn and Miami.
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