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Who should I ask for rec letters? please help me

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Hi CC,
Since senior year is about to start, I recently stumbled upon which teachers to ask for letters of recommendation. I plan to apply to predominantly top 20 schools.

The problem: Some schools recommend recommendations from a humanities teacher as well as a STEM teacher, while other schools recommend teachers from 11th and 12th grade

I have two solid recs from 11th grade STEM teachers (math and chem), one pretty good rec from 10th grade history class, and a not as good, average ish rec from a 11th grade English teacher. I am also applying through questbridge, and their portal for rec letters recommended 11th grade teachers (only specified core academic subjects though)

I have 4 potential candidates for rec letters so far, ranked in the order of quality of rec

1. 11th grade ap chemistry teacher who likes me and writes good rec letters. Shes also the sponsor of chemistry club (I'm president)

2. 11th grade AP Calculus teacher : I struggled a bit in that class but managed to get an A in the end with a lot of hard work, frequent participation, got the highest grade on his final. Also I'm president of mu alpha theta in which he sponsors.

3. 10th grade AP World Teacher: I participated frequently during the class, participated a lot, and had some very interesting discussions with him. I also heard he writes great rec letters. Not much interaction with him in the past year though.

4. 11th grade AP Lang teacher: I was okay? i guess in her class? On the spectrum she probably leans a lot more on the "likes me" end but we are not super close. I have her for AP lit again this year so I still have some time to bond.

Which two teachers should I use in order to make the strongest application possible?

Thank you guys so muchhhh!!!
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  • MWolfMWolf 1280 replies8 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    pollute wrote:
    I plan to apply to predominantly top 20 schools.

    Stop right there. You are already planning your entire college application process badly. Applying only to colleges which accept fewer than 15% of the applicants is an almost sure recipe for a sad, angry, and bitter time next April. "Top-20" is a meaningless designation, since what makes a college education great is the match between the student and the college, not the USNews rankings of a college, or whatever college your teachers or Forbes gushes on about. Look for the right college for you, not the most popular college of which you can think.

    Now that we've got beyond that, choose the teachers who will describe you in the most glowing terms, and, as you correctly surmised, it is best if one were a humanities teacher, and another were a STEM teacher. So AP Chem is a definite yes, and try and either reconnect with your AP world teacher, connect with your AP Lang teacher, or go with your AP Calc teacher, if you are applying for a STEM major.
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