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Ivy League Art Student

bsoll123bsoll123 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hello! I am student interested in attending a top tier university as a visual arts student. Aside from high test scores and amazing portfolio what do these colleges expect. Specifically extracurriculars. Anyone who has attended a top tier college for art, what were your extracurriculars?
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Replies to: Ivy League Art Student

  • tchit87tchit87 83 replies18 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Disclaimer: I guess my advice is more for people who are passionate about art but don't want to do it for a living per se. If you do, I guess the advice would still apply but I would more focus on delving into deeper/ unique perspectives of art. In essays you can show a depth of thought (your artwork could reflect a curiosity for something or an interpretation). I watched a video of a girl who got into Stanford through art who did this but had not so great scores.

    I do not attend a top tier college college for art nor do I plan to, but I do know a few people who did. I think how they did it was not being one dimensional with their art. Yes they probably went to art contests and won gold, silver, and bronze keys (you probably can get by without those too), but many other applicants also have art on their resume. Show a depth of thought or combine art with another academic interest or passion. If you tutor kids and like the medical field, create a coloring book that teaches kids anatomy (this happened and a girl got into UPenn). However, people with art that show an actual unique depth of thought and likes to consider the theoretical in art will probably surpass someone who won a gold key, teaches art to kids for free, and created logos for a company for an internship who doesn't show that passion in the eyes of an admissions officer.
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  • bsoll123bsoll123 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    hello! thank you for your suggestions and advice. could you possibly link the video of the stanford girl, i cant seem to find it. :)
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