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What colleges am I qualified for?

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I'm a junior in high school and lately I've been talking to a lot of people heading off to college, and hearing their stories and what they did to get in, and I've been losing a lot of sleep thinking about what schools I'm qualified for. I have a counselor appointment next week, but I could really use some peace of mind knowing it earlier, so I'd really appreciate if anyone could look at my stats and give me a ballpark estimate of what schools I should apply to. Thanks!

BTW I'm dead set on majoring in Electrical Engineering

3 B's 1st Semester freshman year, 4 B's 2nd Semester (Weighted GPA: 4.08)
1 B 1st Semester Sophomore year, straight A's 2nd Semester Sophomore year (Weighted GPA: 4.85)
Aiming for straight A's Junior and Senior year, but who knows

Algebra II Trig Honors Freshman Year, Pre-Calc Honors Sophomore Year, AP Calc BC Junior Year
AP's: AP Computer Science Sophomore Year; Calc BC, Lang, APUSH, Physics 1 Junior year
Sciences: Bio Honors, Chem Honors, AP Physics

-Taking it for the first time in October (aiming for over 1500), but I got 1460 on PSAT 10-
-SAT Math II: 800
-Will take SAT Physics during the summer


- Club Swimming since age 9, JV High School Swimming freshman/sophomore year, will be varsity junior year, hoping to be captain senior year

- MIT Launch Club Freshman Year, didn't do too well

- Computer Science Club Sophomore Year, went to one competition

- Robotics Club this year, might start another science research club this year

- Have competed 7 independent engineering projects (such as robots, software, tech products, etc.)
-Wrote a 20-page paper on a robot I built and published in high school academic
-Beginning a new project and will write paper for it as well

Extra Info:
- Genuinely Passionate about engineering
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