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College Admission Help

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Grade: Senior - Location: Northern Virginia Race: Asian

Current GPA: 4.11 up to Junior Year - Final GPA : 4.28 (Graduation time)

Current SAT: 1470 Total AP Courses Taken: 7

Senior Year AP Courses registered:7

SAT Subject Tests Registered: Math-2 and Chem

EC’s: 4 Years with Red Cross and 800+ hours Federal Hospitals with research.

1. Can anyone guide me for the above credential good for any Early Assurance Programs
for Med Schools? Any recommendations will be useful!!!

2. Which In State and Out of State Colleges for Pre Med or Computer Science will be
reachable with scholarships?

3. Planning to start Common Application and EA after your feed back.

Appreciate your suggestions to select the best college with your personal experience. Thank's to all.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29422 replies58 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    How much are your parents willing and able to pay for your college?

    What are the NPCs for some colleges? Pick a few state schools, some private schools ranging from Cornell to BC to BU to Dickinson to Grinnell, and see what they expect your family to pay. I’m just throwing names out there. Pick ones in your mind in various categories.

    If what your family can pay covers what the NPCs say you can, life is good. Those schools will likely give you the financial aid or guaranteed merit money you need to afford the school.

    But if $15k a year is all you can afford and the schools are saying you need to pay $25-35k before they give you any aid, you have a gap. If you have a gap at a school that doesn’t offer merit money, you can’t afford that school.

    You can look at BS/MD programs. And add some to your list. Getting into one of them is a lottery ticket from what I have seen, as is the case for getting into the single digit accept schools. Not an issue applying to them if you can afford them after doing the above exercise in affordability.

    You have a wide selection of choices in the state of Virgina. Any school can prepare you as a premed. Avoiding debt for undergraduate college is a good idea if you know medical school/grad school/prof school are in your plans. Much fewer grants for those programs so undergraduate debt with interest accumulating, can become a real issue when you HAVE to borrow to afford the grad programs. You have more options for an affordable college that will do you just fine as an undergrad. Getting great grades in all courses, taking the pre Med required courses , focusing on MCATs and getting high scores on that test, are what are important. Not the prestige and cost of your undergraduate school
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