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Should I include this in my school-specific essay?

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Hello everyone! I'm a senior in high school getting ready to submit college applications.

My top school is the University of Richmond...and when I say top, I mean my TOP. My only. My numero uno. I know I shouldn't be so optimistic about my dream school in case of rejection but I am GONE! I think I have a good chance of getting in based on my stats, which are above the 75% of the incoming class. My EC's are average/fine, but they do show a steady increase of involvement and that I'm figuring out my passion, etc. My essay is genuine and strong and I think my LORs will be great.

Basically: I know the school does not consider demonstrated interest, so would it be frowned upon if I made some reference/statement in my essay that Richmond is my #1? I obviously don't want to be (and hope I'm not) that kid who says "PiCk Me I'm SpEciAL!!"; I just sincerely want them to know that Richmond isn't just a random school at the bottom of my list. I don't want to give the admissions team any bias that they don't want to have (since they don't consider interest), but I REALLY want them to know that this is MY school.

(I'm applying EA! I would apply ED, but I do want to have all of my options open regarding finances just in case the NPC is wildly off. $$$ isn't something my family messes around with, especially not knowing about merit aid...)

This is not in the UR thread because I figure it pertains to any school that does not consider demonstrated interest.

I would really appreciate any advice/opinions! I am planning to ask my counselor this, I'm just too impatient :)
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