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should i ED far reach school or more realistic school?

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since ED may boost chances up, I'm a bit confused and want some advices on where to apply between

Far reach school (like JHU or Duke) -- school that if it's not ED, I probably have no chance at all, but applying ED to school which is likely to reject me anyway would waste my ED chance.
or Reach school (like Carnegie) -- not my dream school but still hard to get in?

/ i'm interested in Biomedical Engineering
apply as an international student (Asian: Thai)
not apply for financial aid
SAT 1490 (700 EBRW 790 Math) superscore 1500 (800 Math)
SAT physics,math II,biology all 800
IELTS 8.0 (but 6.5 in speaking) GPA ~3.9/4.0 (we don't weight)
Extracurriculars: national youth orchestra, BME research at thai university, debate club
no national awards and i got no APs since i attened public school in thai curriculum
also no diverse clubs because my school didn't allow

I know my chances are low for both far reach and reach schools but I just want to try so that I won't regret later, but still can't decide where to ED please help me out! Thank you /
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