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Who should I get my letter of recommendation from?

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I'm a senior applying to Emory via Questbridge and the Common App. Questbridge however only allows 2 teachers to write one although I have 3 teachers in mind (Common App allows 4).

My English teacher is definitely writing one for both (I know its strong), however I am mixed between my AP US GOV teacher and AP Stats teacher.

Background: My AP Stats teacher taught me in 11th grade and my AP US Gov teacher is currently teaching me in 12th grade (has been for 1 1/2 months now). I have a 580 on the SAT math and 680 on the reading & writing. I feel like my AP US GOV teacher can talk about my classroom discussion contributions and real-world knowledge, but my AP Stats teacher can talk about how everyone was engaged in the class because of me (we use to always have quizlets, and I was super quick at the matching vocabulary game with teams), and I overall did well (got a 3 on the AP exam and an A in her class... no we are not a California or New York school where its normal to get above a 3). In AP US Gov I also have an A...

Also Questbridge states that they prefer an 11th grade teacher but I just don't know...
It's either boosting me in humanities or helping math as well... It's worth noting that I will submit both applications for Early Decision I so they may read it along with the Common App where they will see all 3 teachers recommendations.

My question is what should I do regarding teacher recommendations for the Questbridge Application? It limits me to two, who should I pick along with my 11th grade English teacher? AP US GOV or AP Stats?

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