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Question about Transcript - Social Studies Courses

polandallalallapolandallalalla 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
This year, my senior year, I am taking AP Econ and I am really considering dropping it because I have been doing poorly despite studying and talking with my teacher about my mistakes. I don't claim it as anyone's fault other than my own, it just is what it is.
My guidance counselor however is seriously suggesting that I do not drop. So I switched to Honors econ which has a six percentage point curve (the class is the same period with the same content and I can still take the AP test). But I fear this might not be enough.
My guidance counselor says that dropping it would hurt my transcript. However, I have already taken 4 and a half credits of history, fulfilling my school's graduation requirements. I took Honors American History and a semester of Academic Psych in ninth grade (got A's), AP World and AP Euro (A's in both classes, 5's on both exams) in tenth grade, and AP Gov last year with a 5 on the exam and an A in the class.
So I want to know: Will dropping econ really make that much of an impact on my transcript if I have already taken four other challenging history courses and done well in them?
I want to major in International Relations (I have taken years of Spanish and French, also AP Lang, and am taking AP Lit , AP Spanish, and APES this year).
I'm applying to ten colleges:
NUI Galway (Ireland)
IE University (Spain)
Maynooth University (Ireland)
Dublin City University (Ireland)
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
American University, The George Washington University, University of Michigan, Middlebury College, and University of Southern California.
What is worse: Dropping econ for an academic course or keeping it and risking getting a lower grade?
Thank you for reading this far if you have and taking the time to answer me if you do.
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Replies to: Question about Transcript - Social Studies Courses

  • happymomof1happymomof1 29658 replies175 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Dropping down for this one class will not wreck your college applications. You have a right to have a sane and healthy senior year.
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  • polandallalallapolandallalalla 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Thank you. I think I am going to replace my econ with Humanities (two semesters). I talked with my guidance counselor about it further and she said it wouldn't necessarily hurt my overall transcript since I have already have 4 full social studies courses and a semester of psychology. She said that unless my college specifically states otherwise it shouldn't hurt my transcript.
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