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Brag sheets

AngelDAngelD 5 replies8 threads New Member
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How important is a brag sheet, for example, if im barely exceeding a schools expectations on gpa and sat scores and i dont have a good brag sheet, will it ruin my chances of getting in? If this question depends on the university then take Ramapo college or rutgers NB as examples.Thank you.
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Replies to: Brag sheets

  • njdadjetsnjdadjets 150 replies3 threads Junior Member
    What is your gpa, SAT and intended major? As many are starting to catch on, Ramapo is no longer a safety for many students as it’s admissions % is now hovering just over 50%. Ramapo College is now a solid option compared to other state schools especially for nursing (one of the most competitive direct admit programs in the northeast), business, education and now a small but solid computer science program. All of that coupled with a beautiful safe campus and some of the best on campus housing make it a great choice. You should consider applying early decision if you really want to go there
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  • AngelDAngelD 5 replies8 threads New Member
    My gpa is 3.57 from freshmen to junior year, 1180 on SATs, and i intend to study biology, so would a good brag sheet be important with the grades and scores i have?
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  • njdadjetsnjdadjets 150 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I would highly recommend applying binding early decision if Ramapo is your first choice. I don’t think your brag sheet is going to make the difference as admissions won’t see it. That’s something you do on Naviance to help your teachers and counselor write your recommendations. You only have a few days left before the nov 1 deadline though
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  • bopperbopper 14127 replies100 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    The brag sheet is to help your Guidance Counselor when they are writing a recommendation letter for you.

    What the admissions people see is your Common App Application/essay.

    Your GC may not know a lot about you, so this is your chance to let them know.

    We have two brag sheets: Student and Parents. It might be good to get some input from your parents as well as input to your school's brag sheet.


    . Which major do you intend to pursue in college?

    2. Please describe your career goals.

    3. List 5 adjectives that best describe you?

    4. What are your proudest accomplishments? Academic? Personal?

    5. What extra-curricular activities have been most meaningful to you? Why?

    6. What jobs have you held during high school? Has any one job been especially meaningful to you? Why?

    7. Are there any circumstances in your life that might have had a negative impact on your academic performances?

    8. Are there any factors about admission test scores that you would like us to address?

    9. Are there any other factors that you would like us to share with colleges?


    1. What do you consider to be your child’s most outstanding accomplishments during his/her high school years? Why did you select these as most important?

    2. In what areas has your child shown the most development and growth throughout high school?

    3. What do you consider to be his/her most outstanding personality traits?

    4. If you had to describe your son/daughter in five adjectives, what would they be?

    5. Are there any unusual or personal circumstances which have affected your child’s educational experience or personal experiences?

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  • bopperbopper 14127 replies100 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Also You are, at this point, who you are.

    When you say you have a bad brag sheet, does that mean you have not done very many extracurriculars? or that you dont' feel confident in how you have described yourself?

    So find colleges that match what you have to offer and don't think about "ruining my chances of getting in".
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  • AngelDAngelD 5 replies8 threads New Member
    Ok great, thank you so much.
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  • svlab112svlab112 606 replies7 threads Member
    If you target school requires letters of recommendation, a brag sheet gives the recommender more information to include in your letter of recommendation. It’s an opportunity to describe your positive attributes.
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