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What are my chances of getting accepted into Northwestern ED?

koaladoctorkoaladoctor 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi, I'm a high school junior at one of the top suburban public high schools in my state. I am applying to Northwestern early decision next fall, and I want to know my chances of getting accepted. I am very nervous because I think I will end with two Bs this semester in AP Physics I and II (our school does these classes combined as one class) and AP Spanish. I want to major in biology or biomedical sciences to pursue a career in medicine, and I want to know if these two Bs will ruin my chances of getting accepted given my extracurriculars and more listed below:

Demographics: Asian American, Female
Current cumulative GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.6 weighted
What my GPA will be if I get Bs in those two classes: 3.95 unweighted, 4.414 weighted
SAT score: 1550
Will be taking SAT IIs for biology E/M and Math II in May.

Extracurriculars - I have been a part of all of these activities since freshman year unless stated otherwise (!! means leadership role)
!! JV Girls' Swim team captain and fastest sprinter on the team, will be moving up to varsity next year
!! Future Medial professionals of America club exec board
Principal flautist in the wind ensemble at school (highest level band, very competitive), auditioning for ILMEA (State band) next year
Brand ambassador model for a skincare company, a vitamin company, and a meditation place
!! Midwest region leader for Self Balancing Foods company
!! Project coordinator and content creator at a local mental health awareness volunteer center
Work three jobs: lifeguard, soccer coach, and piano accompanist
216 volunteer hours from the mental health awareness volunteer center
Internship at a huge hospital in my state, very competitive program that selected 70 people out of the 400 that applied (started this October)

Awards (won't go into specifics but will just give the general idea):
Numerous first place awards at state music competitions for piano
3rd place in a midwest region essay competition, received a monetary prize
Placed at conference for swimming

I will also have a pretty interesting essay about my sister who had an affluent amount of surgeries throughout her youth, sparking my interest in the medical field.

How do you think my chances are for getting accepted into Northwestern next fall in the Early Decision pool? What can I do to improve my prospects? Will the two Bs that I might earn this semester ruin my chances of getting accepted?
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Replies to: What are my chances of getting accepted into Northwestern ED?

  • koaladoctorkoaladoctor 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I forgot to mention that I am also fluently bilingual and got a perfect score on the STAMP seal of biliteracy test without the Spanish... not sure if that will play a part.
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  • PublisherPublisher 8508 replies91 threads Senior Member
    If Northwestern doesn't accept you, then who would be accepted ?

    In my opinion, you are a strong candidate for admission at Northwestern University. You are well rounded, accomplished & have great numbers.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 7582 replies61 threads Senior Member
    NU is a reach school for all applicants but you are certainly competitive.

    Spend time finding your match and safety schools.

    Make sure your essay is not about your sister. 1 or 2 sentences tops about her surgery and the rest about the impact on you and your interest. Remember, the essay is about showing the adcoms what you can bring to campus and who you are as a person.
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  • theloniusmonktheloniusmonk 2479 replies5 threads Senior Member
    I agree with both of the previous posters - you should be a very good candidate for ED admission, the one thing that is working against you is Asian female, but female in stem could counter that. However do not write about your sister sparking interest in medicine, that's an essay that adcoms have seen a lot and is considered overused, and adcoms will categorize your essay in that bucket, which you don't want. You want to sound as unique as possible. I would not go down the relative suffering wanting me to find a cure. You can write about relationship with your sister and how that defines you.
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  • 4gsmom4gsmom 767 replies26 threads Member
    You are certainly competitive, but if you write that essay, don't use the word "affluent" to describe a lot of surgeries. It's not the correct word to use. Good luck! :smile:
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  • squ1rrelsqu1rrel 376 replies25 threads Member
    You are certainly competitive. I was just going to say what @4gsmom said above—I believe affluent has to do with having lots of money, not a substitute for "a lot" lol.
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