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Filling SSR as an international student

AlCaniZAlCaniZ 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi everybody,
I'm not a future class of 2024 (I'm not a senior yet) but I'm already getting familiar with the admissions process for US universities...
In Common App, you have to fill a Secondary School Report... However, there's a section to say which classes I've been taking in senior year, whether they were AP, IB or Honors and how much credit were they for.
In my school (I'm an international) we don't have any AP, IB or Honors classes and certainly you can't get any credit from them. How am I supposed to fill that section out then?

Thanks for any answers :)

P. S. I can't get access to the 2019 SSR form of Common App, I've just seen the 2013 one, so if anything has changed since then, I'd appreciate to know about it :)
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Replies to: Filling SSR as an international student

  • airway1airway1 745 replies3 threads Member
    AP, IB and Honors are usually out of a 5.0 that’s why you have weighted and unweighted GPA. AP and IB credited are given by the university after you get your score. Depending on your AP and IB grade if accepted by the university it would give you 6 credits and linked to classes that impact your degree requirement. My son (we are international) had a accepted score in HL IB history which was linked to two history classes in his General domain requirement. Also, in IB only HL subjects are considered.
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