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Transferring from CSU to CSU

Cloudy2314Cloudy2314 3 replies7 threads New Member
This fall I started at CSUCI this fall and only really went here because it was my safety school. I tried giving it a shot but am still not really feeling it here. I was going to apply for CSU Fullerton, CSULB, Cal Poly Pomona, and SDSU, maybe even UCSC and UCSB for fall 2020.

How impacted are those schools computer science programs, and is it really difficult to get classes?

I'm a computer science major and have a 3.75 right now but it'll go up after this semester. I was wondering my chances to admissions is or if there are any other places I should consider. I do think I'll be a senior level standing after this year though if that affects my admissions, but I still have like 35-40 unit I would still need to complete for a degree.

Also it class registration time and I'm trying to be smart with how I pick my classes so they transfer. I have all my GEs done so I basically only have major classes left as well as upper division GEs. I hear that upper division courses don't really transfer well, anything else I should keep in mind when enrolling? I would like to take some comp sci elective courses but am worried they wont transfer.

A lot of people are telling me that it's a bad idea to transfer again and I would like some thoughts on the matter. As I see it I feel like I would be a lot more motivated and happy to be at school if I was somewhere I wanted to be at. I feel like any of those other schools I'd like a lot more.
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  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 33151 replies3865 threads Super Moderator
  • GumbymomGumbymom 28116 replies175 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    @Cloudy2314: You have posted several discussions on this subject and you have been given good advice. It matters little where you get your degree, the practical job experience you gain after graduating will make the school you attended moot.

    CS is one of the most competitive majors for all the schools listed. Your GPA is competitive but much will depend upon on the # of units you have completed.

    How many upper division units will you have by the time your transfer plus lower division units?

    For the CSU’s, I would contact each school’s admission office to determine if you can transfer based on the # of units you have completed.

    For the UC’s, they have a cap on units completed and several do not accept High Unit Junior and Senior transfers.

    Here is the link to determine if you are a High Unit transfer.


    Pages 34-35 shows a chart for the maximum # of units
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  • Cloudy2314Cloudy2314 3 replies7 threads New Member
    So I have 54 unit completed toward my major at the moment, 71 units completed after this semester. I transferred in with 95 units total completed. By then time I would transfer again I would have 89 units toward my degree with 9 of them being upper division (130 total unit completed).

    I'm just trying to get all the information and get some realistic choices. Last year went into applications blind and it ended poorly.

    Sorry about the multiple questions, it's just a really stressful time for me right now and I don't have much time to figure it out. I've tried to look at many forums and have talked to an academic adviser at my college but my situation is pretty tricky and I haven't found much concrete answers.

    Also the big concern right now is that I would enroll in classes that will no transfer. For instance it looks like Upper Division GEs do not transfer. I'm just trying my best to not retake courses.

    Thank you for your responses. I Do appreciate it.
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