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Minerva Schools at KGI Class of 2024 Decisions!!

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Hi, I applied to Minerva on the last days of the ED deadline (29th October) this year. My twin brother, who applied a few days prior, has gotten in a few days ago but I still haven't gotten my result but I was hoping to know who else has heard back (who applied ED)? Furthermore, do they like tend to release all decisions at once or do they like do it chronologically, i.e those who apply first, get in first kinda thing?
Lastly, the ED stated that I'd hear back in within 4 weeks and it's 4 days to the end of my fourth week of applying so do they let you know even if you didn't get in (?) or do they just don't email you after the 4-week deadline is crossed? Current students (who got in thru ED) please feel free to share your exp!
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