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Making up for a bad major related grade

Thomasato1234Thomasato1234 32 replies18 threads Junior Member
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I made a big mistake and took differential equations as a Sophmore and got a B. I took differential equations at Carnegie Mellon later that year and got an A. Are colleges able to see this CMU grade? And if so, will it have an impact on my application?
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Replies to: Making up for a bad major related grade

  • Eeyore123Eeyore123 1467 replies20 threads Senior Member
    One class doesn’t make or break an application.
    They will see both grades. You have to send them the grades. They may wonder why you retook a class where you received a B.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1298 replies19 threads Senior Member
    Are colleges able to see this CMU grade??

    if you send it to them, they will. If you don’t send it to them, they won’t. You should send all high school, dual enrollment, and college transcripts with an application.

    Taking a class and getting an A after already taking the class and getting a B will look a little strange - it would be expected and give the appearance of chasing a better grade vs. a next course in a sequence. Given that the course is advanced, it probably won’t matter much. But a B in DiffEq and then a B in Linear, Analysis, or whatever was next would probably look better. But again, these are significantly advanced, so the difference is trivial.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34837 replies394 threads Senior Member
    Make sure you do send the college grade. We can't assure you it will overcome the B,, but it is a show of strength. Like retaking a standardized test, they can be satisfied you did subsequently get the A.

    Consider that Diff is pretty tough for a soph. Once you get everything done, you can think about a line in Addl Info that you liked thechallenge, felt you wanted to learn more in the college setting, Not sure what words, but something positive.

    In itself, retaking, in this case, is not a showstopper.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79072 replies703 threads Senior Member
    Repeating a B looks like grade grubbing.
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  • Thomasato1234Thomasato1234 32 replies18 threads Junior Member
    @RichInPitt Differential equations is the most advanced math class that our high school offers. I can’t find any college summer classes that offer a higher math. Do you know what is next in the math “sequence”?
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9513 replies510 threads Senior Member
    Talk to your math teacher.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79072 replies703 threads Senior Member
    Differential equations is one of several common college sophomore level math and statistics courses typically taken after single variable calculus. Not all are necessary for all majors. The others are:

    Multivariable calculus
    Linear algebra
    Discrete math
    Introductory statistics (calculus based)

    Beyond those, you may be getting into junior level math and statistics courses like abstract algebra, real analysis, probability theory, etc.. Note that many of these math courses are mainly for math majors and heavily emphasize proofs and logic (which may have been introduced in high school geometry, discrete math, and honors frosh/soph college math).
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 29813 replies177 threads Senior Member
    If you have finished the math that is offered at your high school, and you have completed enough years of math to graduate, you can quit math for now and take other classes.

    If you expect to study engineering, physics, math, or another math-heavy major in college and you want to continue with math now (or if you just like math and want to continue), then you need to work with the math department at your high school to find out what options could be available for you. Are you close enough to a college or university where you could arrange to take more advanced math courses? Are there any courses available for you online?
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