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Dropping a class?

dropperdropper 0 replies2 threads New Member
Just a bit of background information about myself: I am an Asian male, junior, with all As. I am looking to go to HYPSM or a school of similar caliber.

My current issue is that I will very likely get an A- in AP Environmental Science if I do not drop the class; I have talked to the teacher and studied for hours but cannot see myself getting an A. However, if I do drop the class, it will be marked on my transcript. I have already taken sufficiently many science classes to graduate, but I am stuck in a predicament where I can either lose my perfect GPA (which is not hard to achieve in my school) or drop APES, one of the easiest APs. I am wondering which option would be more detrimental to my admissions prospects.

Thank you for any suggestions!
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