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Poor APUSH Score for Economics Major

SourcetteSourcette 1 replies2 threads New Member

As an overworked and under-slept junior, I seriously misjudged how much time I would have to study for AP tests.

I am currently taking 4 APs: Calc AB (my school requires AB before BC), APES (supposed to be an easy class, but only 4 As in my class, and I’m one of them), AP Lang (my new teacher grades too easily; however, we get loads of hw), and APUSH. (Also self-studying AP Macroeconomics because my school doesn’t offer it.)

My APUSH teacher doesn’t thoroughly cover topics, and I have found absolutely no time to read the textbook. I’m much more interested than I initially thought I would be in Macro then US History.

I’m trying my best to be realistic and realize that I might get a 2 on the exam or lower. Would this have a negative impact on my admission to colleges like Stanford, Ivies, or UCs for Econ? I know that APUSH and Econ are related, but I think that self-studying AP Macro would help me more in the admissions process (and I’m much more interested in it). Am I mistaken?

Thank you for taking the time to read this! It means a lot to me!
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Replies to: Poor APUSH Score for Economics Major

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2680 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Most schools do not require you to submit AP scores, so you are going to be fine.

    At this point, your other option would be to cancel your test and get about 1/2 of your money back. Personally I see little to lose by self studying in as much as you can, proceeding with the exam, but not sending any "free score reports" so no college sees your score unless you want them to.

    APUSH is a time-sink in DD's high school as well, for what that's worth.
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  • CheddarcheeseMNCheddarcheeseMN 3513 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Even though you intend to be an Econ major, I would give up self teaching Econ. Better to take a real class taught by prof. Reading Econ during the summer can be your hobby.
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  • theloniusmonktheloniusmonk 2591 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Agree with the above on self-studying, adcoms don't really look that great upon it for APs. They want the teacher to evaluate you based on how much you know, vs your peers etc.. Don't worry about the 2, take the subject test and if you do ok there (over 750 for the schools you mentioned), you'll be fine. Good luck!
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  • helpingmom40helpingmom40 199 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I agree about the actual class being more important than something you self-study, especially if the self-study causes you to be short on time you need for your actual classes. Also, my D20 had conversations with several admissions folks at the selective colleges she visited and the consensus was pretty unanimous: while AP scores are not required as part of an application, if a student feels their scores are strong and would help, they should absolutely be self-reported on the application. That being said, I think you should read up on economics over the summer and work really hard to get a better score on APUSH because your application will be compared with those who submit a 4 or 5 because it “helps”. You will never be penalized for not taking something your school does not offer.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6152 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Focus on the classes you are taking and do well in them. Save reading on economics for summer or breaks. I would also recommend not using AP credit in Economics for credit or placement, even if you do well on the test. At most colleges, the intro course will be far more comprehensive and be a better foundation than what you learn through self-teaching. Of course, this varies by college. But overall, you probably aren't doing yourself any favors by devoting time to something outside your school requirements.
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