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Is my course rigorous enough for nyu?

yoosungjungyoosungjung 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hi, recently I’ve been completely obsessed with NYU Tisch. I am currently a sophomore in high school but I am worried that since I didn’t take 2 honors classes I could’ve but chose not too, NYU will take that into consideration. Freshman year I did honors biology, honors geometry, and honors language arts. Sophomore year i’m taking honors algebra II and honors language arts but not honors chemistry. I also didn’t take honors spanish last year. Including all that I got a b in honors language arts and I am worried for that too. I plan to take spanish II and pre calc over the summer so I can take 4 APs next year to prove I am capable of a rigouris course and to make up for freshman and junior year. If all goes to plan I’ll have around a 4.3 weighted and 3.97 unweighted GPA. Extracurricular is where I shine though. I am a published writer, I’ve won chapman film awards, I’ve created a nonprofit, I am the president of 2 clubs, I am in Asb/student council at school, I am in NHS, about 8 clubs, VP for a climate change club, and Publicity for the Star Wars Club. I am also a language arts tutor (ironic because i got a b in that one class) for elementary school students. I also have a substantial podcast with a good amount of viewers. I have also won several online film competitions and hold about 8 places. I also won the district medal of arts and I control the schools Social Media as of currently. I also plan on getting a job and I also currently have been doing club and school volleyball for most of our high school experience. I am also in the film program at our school called DMAA. Do I have a chance of NYU? I know I sound foolish to some but I am genuinely worried as NYU gets more competitive per year.
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