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Switching from AP Bio to AP Envi Sci (mid-year)

babybeanbabybean 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hey everyone! I'm currently enrolled in the AP Biology class at my school. I had heard bad things about it from my friends, but I figured it couldn't possibly be as bad as they described it. However, now that I'm taking it, I can see that I made a mistake. My grades are suffering horribly (I'm at a 77 right now, I may be able to bring it up to an 80 with the final), the teacher hates everyone, and people in the class are manipulative and try to get others to fail on their assignments. I'm hoping to talk to my counselor and move to the AP Environmental Science course at my school, which is supposed to have a better teacher. Additionally, I was always better at the ecology curriculum in biology and I started self-studying for the envi sci exam because I was planning on taking the exam at the end of the year. Is this a bad idea? Will colleges frown upon me switching classes in the middle of the year? Any advice would help, thank you! :)
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