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Apply now or wait one more year

marta222marta222 0 replies2 threads New Member
This semester I will get Associate degree at community college (GPA 4.0, Computer Science). I wanted to transfer to university at fall 2020 (Virginia Tech). But I figured out that I'm pregnant and I will give birth on July 2020. My problem is that my pregnancy is complicated and I don't know maybe I will have miscarriage. If I will give birth - I cannot start my semester at university at Fall 2020 (baby will be only 1 month old). If I will have miscarriage - I can start my semester at Fall 2020(I don't want to skip one year till Fall 2021 (this university doesn't have Spring admission).
Deadline to apply is February 1, 2020, so I have to decide in next week. I don't know what to do.

Thank you for any advice.
2 replies
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Replies to: Apply now or wait one more year

  • SJ2727SJ2727 2265 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Not sure if I'm misunderstanding, but this gives VT transfer application deadline as 1 March, notified April, reply by 1 June. https://vt.edu/admissions/undergraduate/apply/dates-and-deadlines.html Irrespective of actual dates, if the decision date is so far ahead i'd say apply now and make the final decision, if you get an offer, at a time when you will have more clarity.

    And best of luck with your pregnancy. Hope all it all turns out well.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30017 replies181 threads Senior Member
    You can apply now. If things go well, you will be able to start at the time that you hope to. If things don't go so well, you can defer or reapply at a later time.

    Wishing you all the best!
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