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Challenged course and spring schedule change dilemma...Help!!

spindipspindip 10 replies5 threads Junior Member
Hi, I'm currently in the spring semester of my senior year and have finished all my college applications. This semester I'm taking AP French, AP Stats, Health, and AP Gov/econ. Health is a graduation requirement class at my school that is typically taken during sophomore year but a lot of people in my class postponed it until senior year. Other seniors and I challenged Health to try and test out of it instead of being stuck in a class full of sophomores. I earned a passing grade of 80% which is fine because nobody gets an A on the challenge test however I only challenged this course under the assumption that it would be a part of my spring semester grades which dont influence college admissions. HOWEVER my counselor told me that it goes onto my transcript right away and will be sent as part of my mid year report which colleges see when they are reviewing applications. I have maintained all As throughout high school (except for 2 Bs in freshman year) and don't want this to jeopardize my chances of admission since I applied to top notch schools. Also, since I wont be in the Health class my new schedule will be AP French, AP Stats, AP Gov/econ, and Early Release (basically a free period where you dont have a fourth class of the day). Because of this I'll have to contact each and every college I applied to and report the change to them as well as an explanation of why.

Will this reflect badly and significantly affect my changes of admission? This class is purely a graduation requirement and doesnt really count as an academic course also the grade will appear as a challenged course on my transcript instead of a normal course grade. Still, I am worried.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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