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senior year grades

delicateswiftdelicateswift 41 replies3 threads Junior Member
will one C+ in a senior year class ruin my chances of getting into my early decision ii school? i have a solid gpa, and my act is in the upper range of my top choice
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  • izrk02izrk02 505 replies19 threads Member
    Depends on the class, your intended major, and the school. Does the school look at senior year grades for ED2? If the class is in your intended major's field, it might make them think twice about admitting you if they're comparing you and a very similar applicant.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1861 replies31 threads Senior Member
    First, will the grade be reported and sent to the school before decisions are out? Early decisions tend to be out before mid-year grade reports are sent to colleges. They obviously can’t see your grade until they receive it on a transcript.

    If they do, then yes, a C+ is obviously worse than a higher grade. The impact depends on the course, alignment with your major, how you stand vs. other applicants, etc.

    I.e. - if your GPA and test scores are above 75th percentile, and you get a C+ in AP English applying as a Physics major, you’re probably fine.

    If you’re at the 25th percentile, trying to stretch over that acceptance bar, and the C+ is in Physics as a Physics major, it could certainly impact the decision.
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