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Am I a Good Candidate for Chapel Hill? (what are my chances)

AvaitianAvaitian 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hello guys, I have applied to Chapel Hill Regular Decision and I just wanted to share some of stats/accomplishments during my high-school career. I am asking if this is strong enough to make me have a fair shot at getting in. Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

* Note: This is not a brag sheet *

I am currently in my Senior year and I reside in North Carolina, Mecklenburg County.
I currently go to a competitive, public school where my grade total is 802. Currently, I have a weighted GPA of 4.41 which would roughly translate to a 4.83 on a 5.0 scale. My class rank score is around 50-70ish (I haven't checked) and my ACT score is a 31.

I will have taken 11 AP's when I am finished with my senior year. They are as follows: AP Psych, AP Comp Sci Principles, AP Human Geography, APush, APES, AP Comparative Gov, AP Micro, AP Macro, AP World History, AP Statistics, and AP US Government.

As far as my extracurriculars, I have volunteered over 200+ hours at my hospital's Gift Shop, where I go there every Sunday since my Freshman year (and Summers) to volunteer there for four hours. Volunteering over there has sparked an interest in entrepreneurship for me and learning more about business management, which is why I want to go to Chapel Hill :blush:

In my school, I am in the National Honors Society, and Rho Kappa (which is the National Social Studies Honors Society) because I love Social Studies. I am in TSA (Technology Student Association) and I have placed 10th in the Nationals competition for Architectural Design, and have 2 state awards and 2 Regionals awards during the past years that I have competed there. I view technology more as a hobby for me rather than an interest which is my reason for joining TSA. I am also an ICC Rep and an officer for a club called Key Club which is a volunteering-based club. I have maintained this position since Junior Year and I have contributed greatly to this club since my Freshman year by organizing meetings, keeping track of logs for every member, and coordinating volunteering events. I joined Model UN halfway through my junior year, and I really regret not joining earlier because I never knew how much I loved debating about political issues around the world. I have won awards since joining Model UN, but the main concern that I have is that colleges will see that I joined it rather late.

For my recommendation letters, I asked my AP Comp Gov and APES teachers to write them because I have improved consistently every quarter in their class. My AP Comp Gov teacher happens to be the head of the Model UN club, and I have formed a close relationship with them because they asked me to join the club in the first place!

As for my essays, I wrote about my experiences at the Gift Shop and how it has to lead me to discover my career pathway and my love for Ping-Pong which I play recreationally with my dad who is not around much. I consider my essays to be very well crafted since I have received loads of feedback (professionally) and from many friends.

I know that my accomplishments are not anything to be amazed by but recently, I have been feeling nervous about whether I'd get in or not, because of societal pressures :(
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  • fancypants2019fancypants2019 54 replies1 threads Junior Member
    what is your class rank? How many people are in your highschool? From Meck, you have a decent shot if you are top 10% but if youre way outside that range it might be difficult
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