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Finding abroad Graduate programs

Floyd2Floyd2 0 replies1 threads New Member
I recently graduated from UC Merced with my B.A. in Psychology. I am planning on pursuing my Masters degree in Behavioral Psychology, however if possible I would like to study abroad. My school only offers research master programs and I would like to avoid that. Where can I go to get more information or find applications to study abroad outside of my school?
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  • b@r!um[email protected]!um 10254 replies175 threads Senior Member
    Google is your friend.

    If you want us to point you to specific resources, you'll have to give us a lot more information. For example, which country do you want to study in? If you haven't picked a country yet, what's your reason for going abroad? (You'll get very different answers if you say, "to save money, but the program must be taught in English and the degree has to be useful on the US job market" than if you say, "I want to learn a European language and hope to emigrate to Europe, maybe Germany or the Netherlands.")

    If you want us to help you find a specific application form, you'll need to tell us which program at which university you'd like to apply to.

    The world is a big place and every country - sometimes every university within a country - does things differently.
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