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When applying to college, what should matter?

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"For students from low-income families, graduating from college is an important way to climb the economic ladder. They especially benefit from getting into competitive schools, the sort of institutions where admissions officers carefully weigh each piece of a student’s application. But while selective universities say they want more students from low-income families, they still disproportionately enroll young people from affluent families. Children from families in the top 1 percent of the income distribution are 77 times as likely to attend an Ivy League college than those whose families are in the bottom 20 percent.

In a 2017 survey of about 240 college admissions leaders, more than half said that when they’re looking at applications, community service experience serves as a tiebreaker in choosing whom to admit. More than two-thirds of the admissions officials said community service shows the student is likely to be active in social life outside class, contribute to the school’s mission and share the school’s values.

This emphasis on community service can leave students from less affluent families facing the difficult decision of whether to give up opportunities to earn much-needed money so they can burnish their college applications." ...

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