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colleges best fit for me

saimoon78780saimoon78780 0 replies1 threads New Member
I am a junior at a magnet highschool focused on medicine. Soon I will have a meeting with my guidance counselor to talk about what colleges I will be applying to but before that I wanted to get some advice from you guys about what colleges you think I will have the best chance of getting admitted to based on my stats. I am interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics but I am also considering pharmacy and biomedical engineering

I would really appreciate the advice and thank you!

Brief Summary of Extracurriculars:
President and Teacher at local makerspace focused on teaching stem based classes
President and Founder of a chapter organization to empower young girls and encourage them to pursue STEM field. Hold workshops, events, and fundraisers.
Vice President of Town's Youth Council. I tutor elementary and middle school students weekly, organize events, and volunteered to teach 1st and 2nd graders to read
New York Academy Of Sciences Junior Academy Member: participate in research focused on STEM
Leadership Intern/Camp Counselor for summer at Camp Invention: helped 3rd and 4th graders
Children's Hospital Volunteer
Nursing Home Volunteer
Writer for school newspaper
Math League Member

GPA (3.53 UW) (4.3 W) My gpa is terrible because of my freshman year grades I had some difficulty adjusting. I am confident that I can bring it up to at least a 3.75 by the end of this year.
SAT: 1470 (770 math and 700 reading) I will be retaking may hopefully 1500+
this year I am taking apush, ap chem, and ap lang
all honors classes and some dual enrollment

Plans for this summer:
volunteer in ems
internship at pediatric office

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Replies to: colleges best fit for me

  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6202 replies1 threads Senior Member
    edited February 18
    Your medical volunteering experience is very good.

    There are many other threads on CC about students who are interested in premed and are trying to consider which schools to attend. You should look at those other threads.

    Three things that I will briefly repeat here:

    Pay attention to budget. You need to budget for eight years of university, where the last 4 years are going to be very expensive. You should find a university for undergraduate study which is economical, and if possible that will not require any debt at all.

    Your unweighted GPA is okay for getting accepted to a university that has a strong premed program (there are a LOT of universities with very good premed programs). However, your unweighted GPA is on the low side compared to other students who are showing up at university intending to be premed. Premed classes are going to be tough at any university. The large majority of students who start off intending to be premed never get accepted to any medical school. You want to attend a university where you have a very realistic likelihood to be in the top half (preferably top 1/4) of students. Once you get there, plan to work very, very hard. Looking to attend the highest ranked university that you can possibly get accepted to is very similar to trying to attend the academically toughest possible school with the academically strongest fellow students -- this is not necessarily the way to help you get a high university GPA.

    Have a "plan B".
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  • CaliMexCaliMex 2076 replies34 threads Senior Member
    edited February 18
    Check out Rhodes College. They are near St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and many Rhodes College students spend time there doing research, internships, or volunteering.

    It is a gorgeous campus and they have generous financial aid, including merit scholarships. Rhodes students tend to do a lot of community service, so It might be a good fit.

    They often admit students in whom they see great potential (not necessarily those who have already shown great achievement).

    Have a look...
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