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Will low IB scores result in a rescinded application?

qhql2020qhql2020 43 replies10 threads Junior Member
Hey all! I'm a junior currently taking the IB diploma program in the states.

So a lot of my classes are super easy (all 95+) because the IB teachers at my school are pretty laid back, the assessments are easy, and homework is optional a lot of the time.

I already know that IB Music will be tough because even though IB music is a joke at my school, the actual exam questions online destroy me. Same for physics HL and every other IB class I take; the difference between the questions she gives us in class and the actual IB exam questions is crazy. I'm expecting my IB exam scores to be very, very low.

Luckily, I take all 2 year classes which means if I get bad IB exam scores, they would come out late July after I've graduated.

Would colleges see my horrible IB exam scores and rescind my acceptance(s)?
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Replies to: Will low IB scores result in a rescinded application?

  • set023set023 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Don't quote me on this but what I was told (if I'm remembering right) by my IB coordinator is that the scores will only get sent to the school if you request for them to get sent. Basically the only way they'll see them is after you get them back and realize you can test out of a semester of a certain area.

    In addition, my mom works in the admissions department at a highly respected college, and given all this madness that is happening right now, they said via conference call that "IB and AP scores still won't play a role in revoking admission. If they do poor we'll send them a nasty letter, but that's about it," and that was from the Dean of Admissions (and in addition, this was before all IB and AP tests got cancelled for this year).

    I'd say don't worry about it. The worst that can come from low test scores, in all reality, is that you may not be able to test out of those early college courses.

    Hope this helps!!
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