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Chance Me!- Wharton, Columbia, Princeton

FlipityFloopFlipityFloop 2 replies2 threads New Member
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I am currently a Junior looking to apply to these colleges next year.
My current GPA is 3.86 in all honors classes
My ACT is a 34 super scored
SAT II: Math II- 780, World history- 750
AP BC Calc- Probably a 5 (it’s really easy stuff)
My ECs are:
Editor of math newspaper
Medicine Club
Physics club
Business club
Entrepreneurship club
Model Congress

I also do math tutoring

Senior year I’m planning on taking the classes and tests for AP physics C, psychology, statistics, macro/microeconomics, and Spanish
I also plan to continue taking honor courses in history and English
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Replies to: Chance Me!- Wharton, Columbia, Princeton

  • FlipityFloopFlipityFloop 2 replies2 threads New Member
    I’ll also be taking the ACT again when I’m able to.
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  • AnotherORMDadAnotherORMDad 17 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Not sure what kind of club involvement you have. All these colleges look for valuable Leadership positions. Getting a higher ACT/SAT score will surely improve chances
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  • happy1happy1 23810 replies2383 threads Super Moderator
    You look to be a applicant with academics that appear to be in the ballpark. Is your GPA weighted or unweighted? Where does the GPA put you in your class? Can you work to improve your ACT a bit? The rest will depend on things we can't see such as your essays, LORs, depth of your ECs etc.

    That said, any elite college (with acceptance rates often in the single digits) should be considered a major reach for any unhooked applicant. It is fine to apply to a few real reaches but also be sure to take the time to search out a group of match and safety schools that appear affordable (run net price calculators) and that you would be excited to attend.

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  • FlipityFloopFlipityFloop 2 replies2 threads New Member
    My GPA is unweighted since my school doesn't have a waited GPA. I'm a year ahead in my math class, I'm in an exclusive honors english class. Both physics and spanish are honors classes as well. I didn't put a lot of emphasis on ym EC's, but I have leadership in all of them.
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  • pieguy54321pieguy54321 98 replies9 threads Junior Member
    some advice i have is that through the college app process some regional reader will look at your app, have to put together a story for why you should be accepted, and then send that to a panel of people who will vote for you. I think it's important that you reflect a little and figure out what you want that story for yourself to be. Maybe you could say you're very curious and like studying a lot of things, evident in your variety of clubs. Maybe there's a particular club/study you enjoy.
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