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I don’t even know where to start

percypomegranatepercypomegranate 0 replies1 threads New Member
During high school I took vocational classes alongside regular classes and got my cosmetology license, I planned on working straight out of high school. I came to the realization that I’d be much better suited to social work after my grandmother had an accident and I started taking care of her. Unfortunately I haven’t taken the SATs and I have no idea what I’m doing trying to apply. It’s not something I planned for, and I’m so overwhelmed.
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Replies to: I don’t even know where to start

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3260 replies74 threads Senior Member
    Have you graduated high school yet? Community college or test optional schools are both options. There may be some NACAC schools still accepting applications.

    What is your budget?
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30584 replies194 threads Senior Member
    edited May 21
    What are your grades like?
    How much can your family afford to pay?
    What state do your parents live in?
    Are there any community colleges or 4-year colleges/universities close enough to commute to?
    Do you have your cosmetology license?

    Your grades will determine where you can be admitted. Your financial situation will determine which place(s) you can actually attend. Your parents' state of residence will probably determine which state you are considered a resident of for college/university admission and cost. If you can live at home and commute, that might make an otherwise unaffordable option affordable. If you have your cosmetology license, you will be able to look for a job in that industry to help cover your expenses.

    We need good social workers. Thank you so much for wanting that career!
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6418 replies1 threads Senior Member
    I agree with the comments above that you should look for test optional schools that are still accepting applications. It is also fine to start at a community college, or to take a gap year, work for a year, and apply to start university or college in the fall of 2021.

    Your budget and your high school GPA will be important in terms of helping us suggest what you might do next. What state you live in might help also, particularly if you would prefer to live at home while in university or at least be close to home. What state you live in will also matter if you want to apply to in-state public universities.

    Regardless however you can do this. It is not too late, and not even remotely close to being too late.
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  • NJdad07090NJdad07090 561 replies8 threads Member
    talk to your HS GC and see what options you have, what state are you in, budget for school, have you filled out a fafsa?
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30256 replies59 threads Senior Member
    A gap year might be the best way to go. What academics have you taken? Doing some research on what you want to do and also, very important, what you can afford might be the best way to spend this year. The college process is a long arduous one with financial aid deadlines and info that need to be processed along with admissions requirements. To jump into what’s left to you might not be the best way to go.

    A lot of schools are Going test optional next year. Things really up in the air as to what is open. This is a good time to assess your situation and direction
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