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Can a transfer student accept admission for more than 1 college for Fall 2020?

parent1973aparent1973a 4 replies3 threads New Member
My S got admitted as a transfer student to CompSci in 3 colleges in northern California (1 UC, 2 CSU). And the deadline for accepting admission to all 3 is next Monday, June 1.
The problem is that he unfortunately got a "D grade in one of his spring-2020 courses from his community college. We contacted the Admissions office for all 3 and informed them that of the "D' grade stating that online instructions during Covid-19 as the primary cause for the lower grade.
1) The 1st one said no problem since this course is not a pre-requisite for his "Computer Science" major.
2) The 2nd one suggested accepting the offer (this is the one my S prefers) but that we will have to wait till their major advisor reviews his grade and situation, and give us the final decision on whether their offer of admission will still be valid.
3) The 3rd one is yet to respond.

We know it's not appropriate to accept offer from more than 1 college, but, we are in a tight spot here.
- If we accept the 1st one only, we will be safe, but, then we will lose out on the offer from the 2nd one, in case, they eventually accepts him.
- In case, we accept the 2nd one only, and it rescinds the offer later, we will be in trouble.
- But, if we accept both the 1st and the 2nd one, we will have an option to withdraw for the 1st if we do get positive outcome from the 2nd.

Will appreciate any input or suggestion on this.
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Replies to: Can a transfer student accept admission for more than 1 college for Fall 2020?

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 34121 replies4850 threads Super Moderator
    I would talk to college #1 and ask for an extension and tell them why. IMO this is a little bit like getting in while being on a wait list for your preferred school.
    Then follow up with college #2 and make sure they know your S is hanging there.
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  • parent1973aparent1973a 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Thank you @Erin's Dad. The deadline for accepting the admission offer for both the 1st and the 2nd college is next Monday June 1 11:59:59 PM. The problem is that our contact at the 2nd college already told us that they will need a week to get back to us on whether they will allow the 'D" grade, and this is 3 days after the June 1 deadline to accept. We really don't see any option other than accepting both admission offers by next Monday June 1.
    And, then if the 2nd college comes through, we can withdraw our acceptance for the 1st one. But if the 2nd eventually rescinds the offer, we can withdraw from the 2nd one, and stay with the 1st one.
    The real question is do you see any negative consequence of simultaneously accepting 2 offers - one from an UC and the other from a CSU, given our special situation? We understand that we will lose the $$ for one of the acceptance, but that's OK.
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  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 34121 replies4850 threads Super Moderator
  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 30549 replies422 threads Forum Champion
    Ethically, double depositing is an issue and unless you get permission from both schools, then it could be a reason for rescinding both acceptances. I do know that in the past, that students which had some grade issues were allowed to double deposit until they heard from both schools but both schools were in the information loop meaning they knew about the double depositing. With Covid and all the problems with this year’s application cycle, most schools are willing to be lenient. I cannot give a definitive answer, but if one is a UC they tend to be more hard nosed about not meeting the provisional admission requirements vs. the CSU’s.
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  • parent1973aparent1973a 4 replies3 threads New Member
    edited May 29
    Thank you @Gumbymom.
    We already asked our UC contact if it is OK to accept both the UC and CSU offers due to our situation, but, did not get a reply and we were suggested to accept the UC offer, so, we don't lose out on the opportunity, in case, they give us a positive outcome next week.
    The CSU contact already told us that "D" is not an issue for them, and the we can accept their offer, and now, we are a little hesitant to let them know that we are also considering to accept the UC offer. She might ask why we are doing so, since, CSU is already ok with the bad grade.
    Due to Covid-19 situation, no phone lines are available and we can only communicate via email, and that makes it a little slow to discuss this situation with the colleges.
    Any suggestion?
    edited May 29
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 30549 replies422 threads Forum Champion
    Neither will allow you to extend the SIR date for at least another week as suggested by @Erin's Dad ?

    It is a risk either way, to double deposit or take a chance to see if the UC will accept the D also. I cannot really offer you any good suggestions other than seeing if you can contact the UC regional admissions officer and ask for their opinion.
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