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Is Ohio State becoming the new UMich?

schoolstrugglesschoolstruggles 31 replies24 threads Junior Member
Weird question, I know.

I'm asking this because OSU is becoming more competitive (acceptance rate somewhere around 48%), and I heard that they are expanding their satellite campuses.

Ten-ish years ago, UMich had an acceptance rate around 45-50%.

Ten-ish years ago, UMich had a similar-ish endowment to OSU nowadays. (OSU currently 5.5ish billion, UMich was around 7 billion). OSU currently has the third largest endowment in the big ten.

So my question is- could OSU become as competitive as UMich within the next ten to fifteen years? I know that in the rankings, UIUC and UW-Madison are a slight bit ahead, but could OSU get to a Michigan level? Or at least a top 40-ish level?
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Replies to: Is Ohio State becoming the new UMich?

  • PurpleTitanPurpleTitan 13628 replies32 threads Senior Member
    What's working against OSU is that OH's HS population is decreasing and it hasn't quite reached the top tier of publics that Cal/UMich/UVa(/UCLA/UW-Madison/UNC/W&M) occupy.

    Not a lot of OOS kids are willing to be full-pay to attend OSU as their dream school. That said, it is moving up and has been cannibalizing the other OSU publics. Though a school like UF with better demographics would do better.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    Ten to fifteen years from now, education may be very different than it is today.

    Expect more participation in & acceptance of on-line degrees.
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