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I plagiarized in middle school, will this affect my college chances?

CollegeMaster101202CollegeMaster101202 1 replies2 threads New Member
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I did an assignment and got caught plagiarizing in middle school. This was the first and last time I have plagiarized. I am applying to colleges next: UC's, IVY's, etc and I am afraid this will hurt me. Do colleges see these records?
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Replies to: I plagiarized in middle school, will this affect my college chances?

  • boudersbouders 2734 replies190 threads Senior Member
    No, they won't see your middle school record.
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  • CollegeMaster101202CollegeMaster101202 1 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you so much for replying, that is a huge relief. I regret this from middle school and I was a stupid 8th grader trying to get an easy A and I am so happy that this won't effect me!
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  • CollegeMaster101202CollegeMaster101202 1 replies2 threads New Member
    Hi, I am an 8th grader in California and I plagiarize an assignment. This was the first and last time I ever did something as bad this. This happened in 6th grade and I am so scared that this will follow me to college. I read on the internet that expulsion from middle school follows you (I was not suspended or expelled), however I am scared that this disciplinary mark of plagiarism will follow me to college and ruin my chances of getting into Harvard. I never plan on doing anything like that again.
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  • NASA2014NASA2014 2391 replies135 threads Senior Member
    does it show on your record that you plagiarize an assignment? If not, then don't worry about. If yes, there will be a section in the application where you state the reasoning why you were caught.
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 587 replies7 threads Member
    I can't imagine it would follow you. You submit high school transcripts only for college applications, not middle school.

    Glad you got that out of your system early so you won't have to deal with the repercussions of getting caught in high school or college! Much bigger consequences!
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3526 replies81 threads Senior Member
    Is your middle school the same school as your high school?

    Typically colleges only care about 9-12. Don't worry about it. Keep your record clean in high school and you will be just fine. It's good you learned your lesson early. Many don't.
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  • MWolfMWolf 2799 replies14 threads Senior Member
    From the Common App, under "TO THE SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNSELOR" (bolding is mine):
    1. Has the applicant ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at your school from the 9th grade (or the international equivalent) forward, whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct, that resulted in a disciplinary action? These actions could include, but are not limited to: probation, suspension, removal, dismissal, or expulsion from your institution. Yes No School policy prevents me from responding

    So no, and it doesn't matter if the school is a merged middle school and high school. Only disciplinary issues from 9th grade and on are considered.
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