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Chance a Rising Senior Not Prestige Obsessed :)

KansasPersonKansasPerson 6 replies8 threads New Member
Hello! I'm a rising senior, and I've narrowed down my college list, and I want to ED to Northwestern. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated :)

Demographics: Asian male, suburban midwestern school of 1.5k students, no hooks

Intended Major(s): Econ/Finance

ACT/SAT/SAT II: 35C, planning on taking 2-3 SAT 2s (how much do these matter, especially now due to COVID?)

UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.0UW/4.71W, no ranks

Coursework: APs: Two 5s, Two 4s, Three more tests coming this year, Six AP classes senior year, rest are honors classes. Taking Calc BC senior year, just took micro this past year, will take macro next year


NMSF (hopefully)
AP Scholar
Some more I'll probably remember later, some listed below


Sport Captain (11-12), Podium finish at state for team and individual 9th and 10th grade
Orchestra (9-12) - 1st Chair of Section, District and All State 1st Chair
DECA President (12) - Not much, but 1st Alternate for ICDC
Econ summer camp
VP of 501(c)3 org - Sports related and raised ~2500 so far
Stock Market Game - 10% ROI in 3 months. Decent, but not that good/still don't understand a lot lol
Jobs - Coach/referee and fast food
Language School TA
Various other run of the mill Honor Societies

Essays/LORs/Other: Wrote a common app essay, and I think it's decent, but it will probably end up getting scrapped, along with my supplements lol. LORs will probably be average, not good or bad because I'm pretty shy but I get my work done.


ED: Northwestern (econ)
EA: IU Kelley, State School B-School
RD: USC Marshall, NYU Stern, BC Carroll, UMich Ross

You're probably all wondering why I want to ED to NU since it doesn't have a business school and all my other choices do! Well, I visited it and I really enjoyed the vibe. Also the programs are very good, especially for econ, and the Kellogg certificate is also very appealing lol. I also heard it has a collaborative environment which is something that most of the other schools don't have (rip). I'm probably looking to go into IB after college (like everyone else lol) but that is subject to change. I've heard NU OCR is not the best and they mostly feed into consulting, but I hope to get into the MMSS program which has decent rates into IB. Thanks again for any advice you all have!
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Replies to: Chance a Rising Senior Not Prestige Obsessed :)

  • KansasPersonKansasPerson 6 replies8 threads New Member
    Also please ignore my previous posts. I made this account when I was a freshman and very naive and scared about the whole process lol. I've definitely changed a lot since then haha
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  • jym626jym626 57680 replies3023 threads Senior Member
    These are all pretty prestigious schools/programs
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  • KansasPersonKansasPerson 6 replies8 threads New Member
    Lol yea I am seeing that now... but I kinda guess that it's necessary if I'm gunning for IB. What I meant to say is that if I don't get into any of these, I won't be too shocked or disappointed lol
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3856 replies52 threads Senior Member
    You are a strong candidate for all of the schools on your list. Would caution that if you're interested in IB, then Northwestern is not considered a target by most investment banks. Although it is possible to still get into IB from NU, it will involve some luck and a lot of networking. NYU Stern and UMich Ross are both solid target schools for IB.

    Other IB targets include: UChicago, Ivies, Stanford, etc. The higher the prestige of the school, the easier time you'll have getting an IB interview.
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