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Are there usually official end dates for waitlists?

Alucard41Alucard41 11 replies3 threads New Member
Do colleges usually have a date when they stop admitting applicants off their waitlists? For instance, my daughter has been on waitlist of William & Lee and American University. I understand her chances are slim especially as time moves on but curious if schools ever offer spaces in July or August.

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Replies to: Are there usually official end dates for waitlists?

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2273 replies36 threads Senior Member
    I suspect the typical pattern is most slots are offered after May 1 acceptances are in - by mid- to late May. Offers after that are typically very slim.

    But this year obviously isn’t typical. Given the recent surges, more time to think, etc., I imagine the number of late requests for gap years, or outright withdrawals, is higher than normal.

    There probably aren’t many slot that will be offered going forward, but likely more than usual, IMHO.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6673 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I know someone who got in off the WL at Stanford in August about 5 years ago..

    Generally, schools will let you know when the WL is "officially " closed.

    You are right - the chances get slimmer as time goes on, but it can happen. At some point, most students mentally settle in to wherever they have committed. It's hard to change course after you've connected with roommates and advisors and selected classes.
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  • Alucard41Alucard41 11 replies3 threads New Member
    Thanks all, appreciate the input. What I didn't realize then but do so now is how need-aware most schools are, and I imagine with the COVID situation, it's only going to get worse. And for the so called need-blind schools, talk is cheap. I'd like to see them prove that.
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