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As Colleges Move Away From the SAT, Will Admissions Algorithms Step In?

Dave_BerryDave_Berry CC Admissions Expert 511 replies3090 threads CC Admissions Expert
"Of course, test scores are just one piece of data colleges turn to when predicting which students are likely to excel in rigorous courses, enrich campus life with a unique perspective, graduate in four years, or even help balance the books with a large tuition check. But the hole left by the SAT and ACT means more colleges will likely be looking for new ways to help sort out who gets their scarce slots.

Enter the algorithms." ...

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Replies to: As Colleges Move Away From the SAT, Will Admissions Algorithms Step In?

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83829 replies743 threads Senior Member
    The CSUs probably already did admissions by computer to calculate each student's eligibility index and then rank them into buckets by campus and major (with whatever preferences there are for state and local residency).

    Since they are going SAT/ACT blind this coming admission cycle, they just need to program the computer to use just the recalculated HS GPA that is the other part of the eligibility index. Of course, maybe they won't even have to do that; if they just set each applicant's test score to 0 in the existing algorithm, then the eligibility index will be based only on HS GPA.
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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 766 replies7 threads Member
    Schools were already using admission software with algorithms.
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