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Can I get into a good law school?

darkshadows627darkshadows627 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi I am an upcoming senior at UT Austin and I was wondering if you all could help me know whether or not I could get into a top law school. I double major in Environmental Science and Economics cum. GPA at 3.75, Environmental Science GPA at 3.87 and Econ GPA at 3.8 (I screwed up in a few gen. ed. courses). My LSAT score is at a 168.
I have done a few research projects, presented at 3 conferences and won top undergraduate poster at 2 of them. I have also completed 4 internships, with a fifth currently being completed.
Do I have a shot at top law schools?
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Replies to: Can I get into a good law school?

  • DustyfeathersDustyfeathers 3674 replies85 threads Senior Member

    You can use this tool to help figure your chances at various schools.

    Best of luck

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  • boudersbouders 2722 replies188 threads Senior Member
    The above link is great for calculating your overall chances. Keep in mind that as a KJD, someone who is going straight through from undergrad to law school, your chances will be lower than what law school numbers calculates.

    I’d recommend trying hard to improve your GPA this year and give serious consideration to retaking the LSAT. Play around with law school numbers and you’ll see that every point makes a difference in admission results.
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  • burghdadburghdad 924 replies10 threads Member
    @bouders @Dustyfeathers on the LSN site it indicates fee waivers for applications. Do the law schools send you invitations to apply after they see LSAT scores. Or do you have to request it?
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  • bluebayoubluebayou 28066 replies209 threads Senior Member
    edited July 19
    burghdad wrote: »
    @bouders @Dustyfeathers on the LSN site it indicates fee waivers for applications. Do the law schools send you invitations to apply after they see LSAT scores. Or do you have to request it?

    Both. Some law schools will send you a fee waiver when they get a score report from LSAC, but it doesn't hurt to ask. My son sent something to the effect; 'hello, I'm extremely interested in your LS for its [fill in something] and will be applying in the fall. I have a 17x LSAT score and was writing to inquire if I might be eligible for a fee waiver.

    He got a positive response from several law schools, including the T14

    edited July 19
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  • PublisherPublisher 11560 replies155 threads Senior Member
    OP: Yes, you should be able to get offers of admission from good law schools based on your current LSAT score of 168 and undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.75.

    The easiest way to assess your chances is to determine your numbers in relation to any particular law school's median numbers (LSAT score & undergraduate GPA) for the most recent class entering that law school.

    For example: Your chances are slightly above average at the University of Texas School of Law since your numbers compare favorably with both of UT's medians of 168 LSAT (same) and 3.72 cumulative undergraduate GPA (you are above this median with a 3.75).

    If you define "a good law school" as the top 14 law schools in the US as ranked by US News, then your chances for admission are less than those at the Univ. of Texas law school since your numbers do not exceed any of the medians for the top 14 law schools.
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