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Duke ED 2025 (Pratt or Trinity)

jonmcafree1jonmcafree1 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi I am a rising senior in the class of 2021 planning to ED to duke. I was wondering whether to apply to Trinity or Pratt. I am in the international baccalaureate program at my high school and ranked 5th in my class. I have a 3.98 unweighted and 4.75 weighted GPA. My SAT is 1540 but I am planning to super score it to a 1570 hopefully if I do well on my next SAT. I don't have any hooks but I have a couple of relatively good ECs. I was a 2 time state finalist for DECA. I played soccer since I was 4 and was on Varsity since my freshmen year. I am also on a club team that is ranked 8th in the nation. I am also Vice-President of the class of 2021 for 3 years. I have a couple of other clubs and have volunteered for over 300 hours. My SAT Math 2 is 800 and SAT Biology is 780. I have gotten 4s and 5s on all my ap exams and have taken 23 AP and IB courses. I know I don't have any extremely strong hooks or any spikes in engineering, but I am interested in computer science and have heard that Pratt is easier to get into for ED. I am still ultimately deciding what to major in. I was wondering based off my stats which school I would have a better chance of getting into for ED. I know it is still a long shot but Duke is my number 1 choice.
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Replies to: Duke ED 2025 (Pratt or Trinity)

  • peach0v0peach0v0 90 replies1 threads Junior Member
    You would probably get better responses under "Duke University" forum instead of "College Admissions" since this is a Duke specific question. Pratt is stricter on test scores/grades, but Trinity could mean more unpredictable competition because the pool is large in comparison to number of spots available. I'd say you have a high enough test scores/weighted gpa to be competitive for Pratt, although I'm not sure how they'll view your unweighted gpa (I'm guessing it probably won't make a huge difference). I don't know anything about your course load, but judging by the number of AP/IBs you've taken you most likely have taken hard stem classes like AP calc, AP Physics, etc. Course rigor is very important. If you're the most confident on your "numbers" part of the application, Pratt would probably be "slightly" safer because they weigh other things like extracurriculars and essays less than Trinity does, and vice versa. In the end, whichever school you choose, make sure you have a solid reason why you want to attend.
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  • socaldad2002socaldad2002 2501 replies34 threads Senior Member
    I wouldn't overthink this. If you want to major in engineering than I would apply ED to Pratt. I think there were about 170 applicants accepted ED to Pratt last year. You are competitive applicant and if the trend continues this year there will be less applicants applying ED. Having strong test scores is helpful to you as some applicants will be applying test optional. Note: if you apply to Trinity but ultimately want to transfer to Pratt, it might not be as easy as going from Pratt to Trinity. Good luck to you.
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