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Submit 31 ACT; 31 math: 32 stem; 33 science;31 English; 28 reading; 27 ela

silverdad1silverdad1 10 replies6 threads Junior Member
edited August 11 in College Admissions
Howdy everyone- S21 has sight on 3 ivys and a couple of top 20’s. Got a 32 como on ACT
Grades and extracurricular will be solid. URM
Should he submit a 31? Thanks for the advice!
edited August 11
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Replies to: Submit 31 ACT; 31 math: 32 stem; 33 science;31 English; 28 reading; 27 ela

  • silverdad1silverdad1 10 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Sorry about typo 31 is ACT composite
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 5893 replies96 threads Senior Member
    edited August 11
    Not much context to go on, at all.

    But with this limited information, I would lean to an accomplished URM (High gpa and rigor, AP scores of 5s, good ECs, etc. ) submitting a 31 ACT. I will be interested to see the rest of the responses.

    @Groundwork2022? @jym626?

    Good luck
    edited August 11
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  • BKSquaredBKSquared 1772 replies8 threads Senior Member
    ^ Agree a 31 for an accomplished URM will at the very least not hurt. Would likely put to rest questions on grade inflation if that is the case with the school or is a school that the AO's are less familiar with.
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  • silverdad1silverdad1 10 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Ok so he attended a highly regarded college prep school for 9, 10, and 11th for half year. Took highest level STEM and was top 8 (kids) in class of about 180. Transferred to local public school half way through year for reasons too long to explain here. Lost GPA points In transfer but still top 8%. Weighted GPA is 5.1. AP chem-4 APUSH-4. English - 3 AP world history( 10th grade) 4
    Taking AP calc BC; ; Bio; Physics; and Govn this year
    varsity soccer-NHS: computer programming club in school summer wants to major in computer science or engineering
    summer internship with underwater drone company
    Started internship with software engineering to develop mobile apps but cut short by COVID. Will resume hopefully!
    Started non-profit which provided computer equipment to elderly so they can communicate safely during pandemic
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  • BKSquaredBKSquared 1772 replies8 threads Senior Member
    ^ I think it makes a difference if you are URM vs ORM, from a rural/inner city/poor school at one of the extreme and super competitive private/public high school at the other to name 2 examples. To a great extent, AO's at selective colleges are comparing "like" students so the question is whether a 31 is relatively advantageous, neutral or disadvantageous in your student's competitive cohort. If the kid is an ORM from a well known Silicon valley school, I would not submit a 31. If the kid is a URM from a poor rural school in Mississippi, I would.
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