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Should I list an award I technically wasn't supposed to get?

medigullmedigull 11 replies8 threads Junior Member
When I was in 9th grade, I applied for the 2018 Emperor Science Award. This award was open for 10th and 11th grade students. Students had to write an essay about cancer and their plans for research. 2018 was also the last year they offered the award.

The 100 recipients got to do a 12 week research internship with a mentor. I didn't think I would get it, but I did. I got partnered with my mentor, and they realized I was a freshman so my internship was postponed by 1 year. I did a 12 week internship during the summer of my sophomore year (summer 2019).

I have the certificate of completion and a couple news outlets made an article about it once I finished my research.

Should I list the 2018 Emperor Science Award in my awards and honors in my college application? Would colleges think I'm bluffing or I cheated since they know it was offered for sophomores and juniors at the time, and that 2018 was the last year it was offered? I have the certificate of completion and they can look me up to see that I did do it.
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Replies to: Should I list an award I technically wasn't supposed to get?

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3735 replies91 threads Senior Member
    If you got an award for which you weren't eligible under false pretenses, then, you did cheat. However, you can certainly mention the internship and what you did and learned without mentioning why you were selected for it.
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  • BunnyBlueBunnyBlue 874 replies10 threads Member
    You should list the award because you did receive it, and in parentheses put that the internship was completed in 2019. If they have any questions about it they can request more information. Congratulations!
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  • colorado89039colorado89039 28 replies4 threads Junior Member
    you should 100% list it. It only shows initiative that you not only applied as a 9th grader, but also won the competition.
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  • hebegebehebegebe 3000 replies44 threads Senior Member
    If it was apparent you were a 9th grader in your application, then absolutely list it. Getting accepted outside the norm reflects well upon you.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2810 replies48 threads Senior Member
    If the organization gave you an award, you can list that you received the award. I see no problem with it. If they thought you were “cheating”, they would not award/rescind the award.
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